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The Bible commonly refers to the Christian Bible, including Old and New Testaments, or the Hebrew Bible, also called the Tanakh, which consists of what Protestants call the Old Testament alone. The word "Bible" comes from the Greek word biblion, itself derived from biblos, or a papyrus roll; Býblos was a Phoenician port where papyrus was made and exported. Originally, the name was used for the Christian Bible only, its extension to the Jewish Bible being more recent. Its use has occasionally been extended to other religious texts:

  • Oahspe: A New Bible, John Ballou Newbrough, 1882
  • A Buddhist Bible, Dwight L. Goddard, 1927
  • The Bible of the World, Robert O. Ballou, 1939: interreligious anthology
    • The Portable World Bible, 1976: abridgment of above
  • The Boomer Bible, R. F. Laird, 1991: a sort of parody
  • A Modern Buddhist Bible, Donald S. Lopez, Jr., 2002
  • A World Religions Bible, Robert Van de Weyer, 2003

Colloquially, "bible" can refer to any other definitive literary or informational work for a particular segment of society, usually large, and many such books have the word in their titles. For example:

  • Excel® 2010 Bible, John Walkenbach, 2010
  • The Modern Yoga Bible, Christina Brown, 2017



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