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Arne can refer to:


For all names, see: Arne (name).

Historical persons and mythological characters

Geographic names

In antiquity Arne (Ἄρνη) was primarily a Boiotian, a Thessalian, a Thracian and an Aeolian toponym, namely:


  • 959 Arne: Add brief definition or description
  • An arne is the Norwegian term for the central floor stone in traditional Norwegian homes, which is commonly used as a fireplace
  • An arne is the Danish term for (a) the flame in a fireplace or (b) for an old-fashioned oven or stove
  • In urban English slang, the word arne refers to a gorgeous, sexy or pretty male person
  • In Scandinavian countries the Arne yell is an ironic ritual performed by crowds at mass events like open air concerts by shouting "Arne!" at one another

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