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Ancient Rome/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Ancient Rome.
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Encylopedias and atlases

  • Bunson, Matthew. Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire. Rev. ed. Facts on File, 2002.
  • Markel, Rita J. Your Travel Guide to Ancient Rome (2003) excerpt and text search
  • Scarre, Chris. The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome (1995) excerpt and text search
  • Talbert, Richard J. A. ed. Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World. Princeton U. Press, 2000.
The Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World is a comprehensive atlas spanning the entire period and spatial spread of Greek and Roman civilization. The double-folio-sized atlas contains 102 color topographic maps (many double spreads) and covers a vast arc of territory, from the British Isles and the Azores eastward across Europe and North Africa, up the Nile valley and through the Near East to Afghanistan and western China. Temporally, it covers the period from 1,000 BC/BCE to AD/CE 650.


  • Barker, Graeme, and Tom Rasmussen. The Etruscans (2000) excerpt and text search
  • Haynes, Sybille. Etruscan Civilization: A Cultural History (2005)


  • Berechman, Joseph. "Transportation––economic aspects of Roman highway development: the case of Via Appia." Transportation Research Part A (2003): 453-478.
  • Humphrey, Oleson, and Sherwood (eds.). Greek and Roman Technology: A Sourcebook. Routledge, 1997.
  • Hodge, A. Trevor. Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply(2002) excerpt and text search
  • Laurence, Ray. The Roads of Roman Italy: Mobility and Cultural Change. Routledge, 1999 .
  • Oleson, John Peter. The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.

Social and economic history

  • Carcopino, Jerome. Daily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire (2003) excerpt and text search
  • Casson, Lionel. Everyday Life in Ancient Rome (1999) excerpt and text search
  • Cowell, F. R. Life in Ancient Rome (1976) excerpt and text search
  • Dupont, Florence. Daily Life in Ancient Rome (1994) excerpt and text search
  • Greene, Kevin. The Archaeology of the Roman Economy. University of California Press, 1986.
  • Rostovtzeff, M. A History of the Ancient World, Vol. II, Rome. (1927)
  • Turcan, Robert. The Gods of Ancient Rome: Religion in Everyday Life from Archaic to Imperial Times (2001) excerpt and text search

Urban History

  • Stambaugh, John. The Ancient Roman City (1988)

Military History

  • B. M. Caven. The Punic Wars (London, 1980)

Politics and Emperors

  • Everitt, Anthony. Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician (2003) excerpt and text search
  • Grant, Michael. The Twelve Caesars (1975)
  • Matyszak, Philip. Chronicle of the Roman Republic: the rulers of Ancient Rome from Romulus to Augustus. (2003).
  • Mitchell, Thomas N. Cicero (2 vol 1979, 1991), the standard biography; excerpt and text search vol 2
  • Scarre, C. Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign by Reign Record of Imperial Rome. London, 1995.
  • Syme, Ronald. The Roman Revolution (1939, rev ed. 2002) excerpt and text search
  • see also Julius Caesar
  • Gérard, Walter. Caesar: A Biography. 1952 online edition
  • Goldsworthy, Adrian. Caesar: Life of a Colossus (Yale U.P. 2006), 608pp; major biography excerpt and text search
  • Grant, Michael. Julius Caesar, 1969 by leading historian or Rome
  • Jiménez, Ramon L. Caesar against Rome: The Great Roman Civil War, Praeger Publishers, 2000 online edition
  • Kamm, Antony. Julius Caesar: A Life (2006) excerpt and text search
  • Liddell, H.G. Life of Julius Caesar, 1886, 255 pp; old classic online edition

Primary sources


  • American Journal of Ancient History
  • British School at Rome. Papers.
  • Greece and Rome.
  • Greek, Roman and Byzantine studies.
  • Journal of Roman archaeology.
  • Journal of Roman studies.