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A list of key readings about Adoption.
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Adoption experience

  • Nancy Verrier. (1993) "The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child" ISBN 0963648004
  • Betty Jean Lifton. (1988) "Lost & Found: The Adoption Experience" ISBN 0060971320
  • Betty Jean Lifton. (1995) "Journey of the Adopted Self: A Search for Wholeness" ISBN 0465036759

Search and reunion

  • Carole Smith and Janette Logan. (2004, Routledge) "After Adoption: Direct Contact and Relationships" ISBN 041528208X
  • David Howe and Julia Feast with Denise Coster. (2003, BAAF) "Adoption, Search and Reunion: the long-term experience of adopted adults" ISBN 978-1-903699-53-9
  • John Triseliotis, Julia Feast and Fiona Kyle. (2005, BAAF) "The Adoption Triangle Revisited - A study of adoption, search and reunion experiences" ISBN 978-1-903699-71-3

International adoption

  • Mike Milotte. (1997, New Island Books) "Banished Babies: Secret History of Ireland's Baby Export Business" ISBN 1874597537