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The server hardware upgrade was completed on 7/21/2020, and monthly server costs went down. HTTPS is enabled again. An all-volunteer technical staff is working on additional upgrades for the future.

A Supportive Community of Writers in a Wikipedia-like Setting

Welcome to Citizendium, a wiki for providing free knowledge where authors use their real names. We welcome anyone who wants to share their knowledge by writing and improving articles on virtually any subject. Please consider joining us!

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While this wiki was unsuccessful in achieving its original goals from fifteen years ago (see, a dedicated few writers have continued working in the wiki, improving articles that they believe are useful, and which for various reasons probably could not be written in Wikipedia. We intend to keep the wiki running.

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Every minute of every day, millions of curious apes click billions of links, each tracing their own miniature voyages of discovery.
Martin Robbins in a blog post for The Guardian

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