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My name is Thomas Mandel. I am a self-educated journalist/Zen/Physics/Systems theorist.

I am an active member of the International Society for the System Sciences. My best paper is at (

I was the founding webmaster of (seven years) They are using my design as their logo.

I am the chairman/coordinator of the Primer Project within ISSS. See ( my name is at the end.

I am the creator/webmaster of the Wholeness Seminar see (

I am hesitant to claim expert status in any of this, but I certainly claim to be knowledgable enough to edit here considering that I am the editor of their Primer.

If there were a degree in relationship science I would claim to be an expert at that.

I have a journal article published by "Scientific Inquiry" at

I also am a contributer to the Journal of the Scientific study of consciousness. And about that I have only this to say