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My name is Srdjan (father's name Stevo) Kalanj. [In English, my first name's spelled completely and precisely like "Surgeon"]; I am 18 years old. My interest is history (pre-WWII); I've read countless books about it. My other interests are Classical Music, Basketball (despite not being very good in it), I am good at Computers and I speak perfectly, aside from my native Serbo-Croat, English and to an extent German. I can also understand Macedonian, French and several other languages.

I was born in (the City of) Karlovac, (Socialist Republic of) Croatia, a member-state of the greater (Socialist Federal Republic of) Yugoslavia in 1988. As the terrible war that destroyed my world broke out in 1991, we moved from the (then still not independent) Republic of Croatia. We were expelled/had to flee under gunfire and bypassed the frontlines at the east and fled to Hungary, then settling in Pozarevac, Republic of Serbia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992. After I turned 7, we moved to Zemun (a suburb of Belgrade), where I studied (for 8 years) the "Svetozar Miletic" elementary school. I'm finishing Zemune's (once famous) High School and planning to study Law at the University of Belgrade.

Life has been unendingly hard for my family and myself, from the civil war across living in a country under heavy sanctions, in a politicized and of course, Balkanized world.