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I'm not really angry, it's just very bright.
Hi! Welcome to my user page. My name's Paul and I live outside of Dallas, Texas. I enjoy listening to a reasonable variety of music including the likes of Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Rilo Kiley, and even the Beastie Boys. This autumn I will start school at Austin College, in Sherman, Texas. I'm not certain what I want to study at this point, but I've got at least another year before I have to start making any decisions. I enjoy studying chemistry and I can program sufficiently well in Java and C#. I'm presently learning C and C++ and I have an interest in the design of operating systems and vintage computer equipment. I run Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system and use Windows XP for some of the games that I still enjoy playing. Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 series and some of Michael Crichton's earlier books are some of my favorite science fiction novels.

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