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|                abc = Sexually transmitted disease
|                cat1 = Biology
|                cat2 = Health Sciences
|                cat3 =
|          cat_check = N
|              status = 2
|        underlinked = Y
|            cleanup = Y
|                  by = [[User:David Martin|David Martin]] 21:47, 15 May 2007 (CDT)

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This article is developing and not approved.
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 Definition Infections that are transmitted through exchange of semen, blood, and other body fluids or by direct contact with the affected body areas of infected people. [d] [e]
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This is an article that I think should have (adequately cropped) images. Stephen Ewen 12:46, 3 May 2007 (CDT)

it's still basically a stub, along with today's other addtions, so we'll work on it.--Peter A. Lipson 13:01, 3 May 2007 (CDT)

As you know, I am a proponent of medical articles that provide patient information- but this article, in its present undeveloped state, reads like a patient hand-out rather than an encyclopedia entry. Ideally, it should be aimed at an audience that includes patients, but also physicians, nurses, other health scientists and somebody "doing a report" on STD. How can we work together to fix this? Nancy Sculerati 09:53, 4 May 2007 (CDT)

I basically uploaded it as a stub to be filled in or entirely redone. Basically, just a 10% framework sort of thing as a placeholder. We can start by adding the correct headings and subheadings and filling them in....Peter A. Lipson 12:29, 4 May 2007 (CDT)

Can't we use the term, "venereal disease" as well? Nancy Sculerati 17:16, 4 May 2007 (CDT) I think we are better off starting from scratch. I, at least, can't do much with this.Nancy Sculerati 18:04, 4 May 2007 (CDT)

This has remained unchanged, and I am going to completely revise it. First of all, having a "patient oriented" article that uses medical terminology and divides the subject by etioloogic agent is not optimal, in my mind. Better would be to divide the presentation-like genital ulcer, genital discharge. Further, many people have gotten scabies from household contacts and most people who have Herpes simplex I infection did not get it from sexual contact. This has to made clear. These are some of the reasons for the changes I am making. Nancy Sculerati 11:12, 16 May 2007 (CDT)