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 Definition An herbal treatment for a wide range of cancers, various formulas but core reported to come from Canadian Ojibway tribe [d] [e]
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Mixed feelings about this

Caisse, in her writings, makes me very nervous, with what seems a high degree of secrecy and suspicion. It must be remembered she began recommending Essiac at a time when there was virtually no biological understanding of cancer, or more than minimally effective medical treatments.

There are contemporary reports, however, that some of the ingredients have immunomodulatory properties. I will be doing more extensive literature research.

In the interest of full disclosure, at the urging of a herbalist housemate, I am trying it on my cat, after all conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy have failed -- but my major emphasis is on palliative and comfort care. His veterinary oncologists are aware of this CAM treatment, and don't see it as adding danger.

I'm personally dubious about it, but I would welcome being wrong — and fully recognize the singular of data is not anecdote. Howard C. Berkowitz 15:58, 17 August 2010 (UTC)