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First Major Rewrite

Again, another article bogged down at the beginning. I clarified the meaning of the word, left the good contrast with "power" and added the additional derivative uses of the word with "public authority" and "expert". There's a DAB page that should probably go now as this article encompasses all the uses of the word.


I moved the whole section on "church authority" to its own article, church authority.

I found most of the "Example: France" section to be original research, theory, etc and didn't feel it belonged in this article. I removed it, I would welcome other thoughts on this though but I think it was a large section on an example that readers can find for themselves in reading on Weber.

"Government agency" was moved to the top and is further explained in its own article "public authority".

"Institutional authority" and a long example about the Supreme Court was another presentation of theory that I didn't think belonged just like the section on France. Again, I would welcome other opinions on that though.

--W Guy Finley 13:49, 1 November 2006 (CST)