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  • [[:Category:License tags|License tags]] (7) [[:Category:African Union member states|African Union member states]] (4)
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  • ***European Union ***''Irish Congress of Trade Unions''
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  • ...ther countries. This type of legislation has equivalents in the [[European Union]], and has impacts on [[transborder data flow]] of sensitive medical inform ...f kidnapped newborns that most hospitals use hard-to-remove identification tags, and have alarms if anyone tries to carry a baby out the door if not appro
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  • This applies to in the European Union, the United States, Canada, and other countries with a copyright term of '' ...|||{{incompatible2}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{TlDoc}}[[Category:License tags]]</noinclude>
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  • I see as an advantage of this format, that it makes a Citizendium article {{rpl|comparative advantage}}
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  • ...s being deliberated for a few other locations in the U.S. and also in many European countries. In most cases both now and in the past, the debate pits people i ...olves born between 1993 and 2001, 68 of them could trace their genetic heritage to this lone migrant wolf. Today, there are over one hundred individuals t
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  • ...isch, was working as a security researcher and system administrator at the European Institute for System Security (E.I.S.S.) at the University of Karlsruhe, Ge * The mechanism should conform to German and European data protection regulations, and not violate the secrecy of telecommunicati
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  • ...n Afghanistan at the time, but that it was to bin Laden's ideological advantage to have Azzam dead. Azzam, he felt, was the only man with the moral author ...r whatever Sunni territory in Iraq can be brought under its control. This stage must be prepared for during the struggle to expel the Americans, Zawahiri
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  • ...I. Nor is there likely to be one soon, so there is no need for the Britain tag. [[User:Richard Jensen|Richard Jensen]] 22:16, 31 May 2008 (CDT) ...the advantages of "Elizabeth II" as an article title outweigh the disadvantages of the inconsistent naming - sigh. [[User:J. Noel Chiappa|J. Noel Chiappa
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  • ...couple obvious opinions of mine. Discovery is used by Warfield to label a stage of his methodology but it is used in the conventional "legal" sense. Defin ...theory, AND systems theory is not just a philosophy, your people put that tag on it. I am sorry that some are not aware of our field, but isn't that what
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  • ...overnment, the United Nations and the various institutions of the European Union. Dictionaries and encyclopedias don't prescribe usage, nor do they try to f : Romanising any non-European language can give variant spellings. The same Chinese character as a family
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  • ...tries implies a political view rather than geographical. Perhaps we should tag this list to both geography and political workgroups to get more input. ...probity rather than applying the practical test of control traditional to European diplomacies.
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  • :Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an! :Einst kommt der Tag, da gibts Vergeltung, kein Vergeben
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  • ...non-proliferation treaties. It cooperated with its adversary, the [[Soviet Union]], to limit stockpiles of weapons as well as installed international hotlin ...States was not the initiator, but responded to a conflict between [[Europe|European powers]]. Similar arguments have been made about the [[Korean War]] which w
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  • ...out as far as I can take this without exploding in a wave of bias and anti-Unionist fervour. I'll let an expert develop it further [[User:Denis Cavanagh|Den I've decided to expand this. I have started by describing the period of Unionist control of Northern Ireland (1921-1972), perhaps this should be in a sep
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  • ...t, as far as I know, looked at an arms race as a means to break the Soviet Union, although it became a large part of it. [[User:Howard C. Berkowitz|Howard C ...s a placeholder for future footnotes. You can delete it or restore the old tag if you think it's unnecessary. [[User:John Stephenson|John Stephenson]] 03:
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  • ...egal names and statuses are more difficult to identify. I can give you two European examples. One is the country with the constitutional name of the Republic o ...e even more confusing when Colonel Ray Macedonia became director of the Pentagon's Joint War Games Agency, either before or after Wes Ungerleider -- nice
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  • Maier (1970) shows that [[Taylorism]] attracted European intellectuals after 1900, by its demonstration that workers did not have to Ford's image transfixed Europeans, especially the Germans, arousing the "fear of some, the infatuation of ot
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  • *European History ...e of the CZ, but not know the 4 are duplicates. That gives Wiki a 4-1 advantage over CZ in getting chosen by the user, everything else the same. If peopl
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  • ...If you are still happy with it, just update the version on the ToApprove tag to the latest version. That way when I go to perform the mechanics of the :::Richard, I placed the tag on the article for you with a date of June 10 for approval. You have the o
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