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  • ...uistic identities (such as the [[Gael]]s and [[Brythonic]] tribes of the [[British Isles]]) did transmit at least vestigial remnants of the mythologies of the Celtic mythology can be divided into a number of distinct, if related, subgroups, largely corresponding to the branches of the [[Celtic languages]]:
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  • ...authors review thirty recent studies, every one of which documents that a subgroup of traumatized patients are amnesiatic for childhood sexual abuse. The auth ...o the 23.9% in the original study, 13.3% reported childhood abuse. Of that subgroup, 39% (as compared to 40% in the original study) reported a period of forget
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  • ...(PDF) and [ Salt Subgroup minutes] * British Nutrition Foundation article [
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  • ...the possible spelling differences are insignificant compared with those of British English and American English. ...the Romance family, Romanian is usually classified in the Eastern Romance subgroup along with [[Italian language|Italian]], [[Corsican language|Corsican]] and
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  • ..., Tesmer DL, Zinsmeister AR |title=Lack of discriminant value of dyspepsia subgroups in patients referred for upper endoscopy |journal=Gastroenterology |volume ..., Tesmer DL, Zinsmeister AR |title=Lack of discriminant value of dyspepsia subgroups in patients referred for upper endoscopy |journal=Gastroenterology |volume
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  • ..., A. "Why Do Patients Turn to Complementary Medicine? An Empirical Study." British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 1996. 35:37-48. ...nen, J., Knipschild, P., and ter Riet, G. "Clinical Trials of Homeopathy." British Medical Journal. 1991. 302(6782):316-23.
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  • ...[[Dead Sea]] and [[Kfar Darom]] in the Gaza region, were established under British Mandatory administration prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. ...andate|mandated territory]] of the [[United Kingdom]]. During World War I, British Foreign Minister [[Arthur Balfour]] had issued the [[Balfour Declaration]],
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  • The family of Indo-European languages is subdivided into a number of subgroups. These are, according to many classical descriptions: ...n early form of [[Sanskrit]]. Among the modern languages belonging to this subgroup are:[[Hindi]], [[Urdu]], [[Bengali]], [[Punjabi]]. The intervening period,
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  • ...history ''The Idea of History'']. Oxford University Press, pp. 9-10</ref> British historian [[E. H. Carr]] (1892&ndash;1982) has advised that history is not ...l critic [[Michel Foucault]], American anthropologist [[Clifford Geertz]], British labor historian [[E. P. Thompson]] and American intellectual historians [[
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  • *that an organized subgroup of chiropractors in the USA openly promote "drugless healing" as a business ...and putting the general population at risk of epidemics. Worryingly, this subgroup is the ''same'' group that advocates chiropractic as comprehensive primary
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  • ...It is part of the [[Eastern Polynesian languages#Tahitic subgroup|Tahitic subgroup]] of Eastern Polynesian. The extinct [[Moriori language]] of the [[Chatham | as in NZE ''p'''a'''ss''. A low central vowel, between the British Received and Standard American pronunciation of the '''a''' in ''p'''a'''ss
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  •''. It is an overlap of (or a bridge between) two larger Romance subgroups: ''Gallo-Romance'' (including French, Francoprovençal, Romansh, Ladin, Fr ...ittle more discrepant than the regional modalities of Standard English (as British, American, Canadian, Australian...), so they remain fully and easily unders
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  • :''Major divisions:'' 18 subgroups :''Main geographic areas:'' [[Scandinavia]], the British Isles, Germania, the [[Benelux]], [[France]], [[Iberia]], [[Russia]], North
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  • ...Capital: Explaining Its Origins and Effects on Government Performance]," ''British Journal of Political Science'' 28 (1986).</ref> Other writers have argued ...o split among [[Taliban#Traditional taliban and Afghan leadership |Pashtun subgroups]]; prior to the war, the less militant traditional Taliban were something
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  • ...ructive pulmonary disease. Definition, epidemiology, and risk factors.'' [[British Medical Journal|BMJ]] 2006;332:1142-1144. PMID 16690673</ref> but can be du ...m compared with 4% (7 deaths) in the titrated oxygen arm; mortality in the subgroup with confirmed COPD was 9% (11 deaths) in the high flow arm compared with 2
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  • ...ension: principal results. Medical Research Council Working Party |journal=British medical journal (Clinical research ed.) |volume=291 |issue=6488 |pages=97 ...ournal |author=Preston RA, Materson BJ, Reda DJ, ''et al'' |title=Age-race subgroup compared with renin profile as predictors of blood pressure response to ant
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  • ...he seventeenth century, Staten Island was inhabited by the [[Raritans]], a subgroup within [[Unami]] division of the [[Lenape]] (Delaware) tribe. The Italian e Staten Island was surrendered to the British along with the rest of ''Nieuw Amsterdam'' in 1664 and was subsequently ren
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  • | title = The U.S.-Shi'ite Relationship in a New Iraq: Better than the British? ...although some [[Islamic sectarian conflict]] has been observed among Shi'a subgroups. The chance of conflict, however, is much greater in countries with a sign
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  • ...vely compared to ''[[Ornithocephalus]]'' species. The leaves of this later subgroup, unlikely all the other ''Heterotaxis'' species, are not glossy; they seem Register; Consisting of Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants Cultivated in British Gardens; with their History and Mode of Treatment vol.12: t. 1028. London.<
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  • ...and the challenge they present to the ethics of the [[Old Testament]]<ref>British Humanist Association, [ ...appear to reflect a discomfort with traditional Christianity. Many New Age subgroups claim Jesus as a supporter, often incorporating contrasts with or protests
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