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  • ...tributed articles would definitely not remain static. However many of the aerospace articles on Wikipedia are very good so improving them would take lower pri ...n maintain them and improve them here." Eventually, we will have many more engineers on board--we already have quite a few. We can probably "wake them up" b
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  • [[:Category:License tags|License tags]] (7) [[:Category:Engineering|Engineering]] (4)
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  • ...links to stubs for higher level articles. I'm a professional aeronautical engineer and qualified to judge the quality of the low level articles. Other peo ...ou accept that most of the aerospace articles were written by aeronautical engineers and there is about 50 man-years of information out there then the raw c
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  • page being redirected to. The article is not mature, and the Aerospace Engineering article is missing an element on subsystems that could support articl ...puzzled since many tools available on WP are missing here, like reference tags and such. Also after ready the policy of deleting too many words, how do
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  • Articles need to get tagged with workgroup tags for workgroup recent changes to work to its full potential. ...classics articles imported by Ori Redler, as well as articles an aerospace engineer (I forget his name) has talked about importing. We have their commitmen
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  • ...ect and I visited the Apollo project. As an economist I evaluated numerous aerospace projects, I played a part in the development of UK competition policy and I see as an advantage of this format, that it makes a Citizendium article
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  • ...Certainly, in military engineering -- and indeed in explosives for civil engineering and the like -- the two are related. Fuse is an improper subset of fu ::::Might I suggest there are very real and specific engineering distinctions here that are more substantive than general dictionaries
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