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  • #REDIRECT [[Central Bureau, Southwest Pacific Area]]
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  • ...ific-theater.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Map of the theater of operations in the Pacific Ocean and East Asia during the [[Second World War]]. Charles W. Boggs Jr. The '''Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA)''' was a [[World War II]] [[theater of operations]] under the comman
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  • ...S.-Australian unit, the '''Central Bureau''' of the '''[[Southwest Pacific Area]] (SWPA)''' was a [[communications intelligence]] (COMINT) organization,, w Central Bureau was commanded by Major General S. B. Akin, who had been MacArthur's Chief S
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  • ...not to be captured alive. The latter usually meant staying out of battle areas, but, in such cases as that of Captain [[John Philip Cromwell]], deliberat ...ture), Station HYPO (Pearl Harbor) and [[Central Bureau, Southwest Pacific Area]] in Australia.
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  • ...Operations]], and [[Fleet Admiral]]. As overall commander of the Central Pacific forces during World War Two he was responsible for the U.S. advance throu, he studied under [[Clarence Williams]] one of the authors of the basic Pacific Fleet war plan that formed the basis for operations in WWII.<ref>Miller,
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  • ...[North Africa]], and [[Japan]] in [[South-East Asia]] and elsewhere in the Pacific. For the first time the Australian mainland was directly attacked, by Jap Australia was part of [[Douglas MacArthur]]'s Southwest Pacific Area.
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  • ...acted as spokesman for a number of settlers who preferred to remain in the area. Sent by force to San Antonio in 1790, they returned of their own will and ...mith, ''From Dominance to Disappearance: The Indians of Texas and the Near Southwest, 1786-1859'' (2005)</ref> At the same time, the new republic initiated a pr
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  • {{seealso|Central Intelligence Agency}} {{seealso|Federal Bureau of Investigation}}
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  • ...rth America]], between the [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]] and [[Pacific Ocean|Pacific]] oceans, between [[Canada]] and [[Mexico]]. The country is a [[Federal g ...eme of North America, and Hawaii, a group of volcanic islands in the north Pacific Ocean.
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  • ...cades with the origins of immigrants having shifted from Europe to Mexico, Central America, and Asia in recent decades. The most rapid population growth in th ...s and scientists from around the world. Less skilled jobs are plentiful in areas such as restaurants and construction, where less educated immigrants congr
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  • ...// | }}</ref> It is the main area for United States [[counterinsurgency]] doctrine. The new counterinsurgency ...was initially covert, and used Special Forces and other personnel under [[Central Intelligence Agency]] control. Whether the mission is called counterguerril
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  • ...ltural and economic center of the Milwaukee–Racine-Waukesha metropolitan area with a population of 1,753,355. ...ral events. It is largely independent of the huge [[Chicago]] metropolitan area 75 miles to the south, which induces "if not an inferiority complex, then a
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