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  • ...oncept for exploratory research, as he had earlier for the idea of serious leisure. '''Types of casual leisure'''
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  • ...forms are serious and [[Casual Leisure|casual leisure]], and project-based leisure. The latter will be described below. As the typological map below shows, e ...rovides an extensive digital library on serious, casual, and project-based leisure, sections on Resources and Links, as well as a short history of the Perspe
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  • | pagename = Casual Leisure | abc = Casual Leisure
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  • ...alled “casualleisure, or the hedonic pleasures of life (see [[casual leisure]]). ...rom an activity that other people pursue with little or no remuneration as leisure.
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  • Auto-populated based on [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Serious leisure]]. Needs checking by a human. {{r|Casual Leisure}}
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  • * Cross, G. (1990). ''A social history of leisure since 1600''. State College, PA: Venture. * Cushman, G., Veal, A.J., & Zuzanek, J. (Eds) (2005). ''Free time and leisure participation: International perspectives''. Wallingford, UK: CAB Internat
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  • ...always valued leisure as Plato and Aristotle did (Sylvester, 1999). Thus, leisure was particularly scorned during the Protestant Reformation and in the Prot '''A definition of leisure'''
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  • ...As I'm not familiar with the topic, and since what I've also found from a casual internet search seems pretty controversial, I've got rid of the section. I ...e activities, such as excursions to parks or shopping districts" from the 'leisure time' section as I didn't really understand its significance or relevance.
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  • *More than a casual definition of caching ...tunately, I don't have a lot of free time right now, and the next block of leisure time I see in my future is Thanksgiving weekend. So if you're not in too
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  • ...t identifying them. Sure, I know who Ferry and Puckrein are, but will the casual reader? And why Ferry, out of a score of butlers-turned-entrepreneurs? Or of the position, and because, well, they were working so their boss has leisure time to do the writing.  —[[User:Stephen Ewen|Stephen Ewen]]&nb
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  • some ppl eat them), plus mebbe a future article on hamburgers and other casual food.... Bon appetit![[User:Hayford Peirce|Hayford Peirce]] 22:52, 28 June ...ill wait for your go-ahead before doing so. I'd appreciate it if, at your leisure you could take a look at them and add whatever permissions and/or caveats
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  • ...horized to issue, among others. But I am a volunteer, who does this in my leisure time, and I don't believe I am lapsing from my obligations to take a coupl ...s of trivial incidents and minor engagements that resulted in a minimum of casualities: "They captured towns and villages from which the garrisons had fled b
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  • ::::::::I think that you just read about this war out of leisure. From what I see, your Yale education was primarily on Western history, ri However, the introduction of the term orbita, which Kepler uses casually as if it is already known, constitutes, as we argue, a revolutionary conc
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