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  • The '''Special Branch''', originally the '''Special Irish Branch''', was an entity within the [[Scotland Yard|Metropolitan Police]] of Londo
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  • The '''Special Branch''', originally the '''Special Irish Branch''', was an entity within the [[Scotland Yard|Metropolitan Police]] of Londo
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  • ...d, the name has been especially associated with the department's detective branch, known since 1878 as the [[Criminal Investigation Department]] or CID, but ...[[Special Branch]], which function with a degree of independence in their specialized areas. Its first offices were at No. 4 Whitehall Place, and over the ye
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  • A branch of mathematics that specializes in enumeration, or counted, data and their relation to measured data.
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  • ...Tuesday, June 17, 2008. His previous assignment was as deputy commander of Special Operations Command Europe (Airborne).<ref>{{citation | publisher = [[Army Special Operations Command]] news service
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  • '''Combat arms''' as those branches of service with the mission of making direct contact with enemy forces an ...ineer]]s, [[Air, artillery and missile defense]], and [[special operations|special operations forces]]. Different nations, at different times, have had diffe
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  • [[Surgeon]] specializing in the branch of surgery treating diseases and conditions involving the musculoskeletal s
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  • | author = Special Pathogens Branch, [[Centers for Disease Control]]}}</ref> identifying it involved both Navaj ...ussion with Navajo elders revealed that the pinon nut harvest of 1993 was especially rich, which caused overgrowth of the deer mouse, ''Peromyscus maniculatus
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  • ...s no police powers of its own, but works closely with the police [[Special Branch]].
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  • {{r|Special Branch}}
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  • {{r|Special Branch}}
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  • ...employ indigenous knowledge as part of their organizational approach place special emphasis on local knowledge and participation in preference to top-down str | author = Special Pathogens Branch, [[Centers for Disease Control]]}}</ref> identifying it involved both Navaj
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  • ...]]s use pairs of parallel rails, special sections of track are required to branch one track to two tracks.
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  • ...ine of [[materials science]] which includes researchers in [[chemistry]] (especially [[organic chemistry]]), [[physics]], and [[engineering]]. The field of p disciplines share some of the terminology familiar to polymer science, especially when describing the synthesis of biopolymers such as DNA or polysaccharid
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  • 1971), quoted in Young, pp. 56-57</ref> Land reform in South Vietnam, especially in the [[Mekong Delta]], was a greater opportunity than in the Philippine *An investigative service, the Special Branch
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  • ...cies separate and distinct from their intelligence collection services for specialized purposes. This article deals with the foundation of the art, and measu ...police powers but works closely with law enforcement called the [[Special Branch]] that can carry out arrests, do searches with a warrant, etc. Russia's ma
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  • A unit, or branch of service, historically derived from [[cavalry]], that specializes in operating from [[armored fighting vehicle]]s, using speed, maneuver,
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  • ...]], and specialized first-level administrative law bodies in the Executive Branch
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  • ...g themselves 'nephrologists'. Medical schools recognize nephrology as a subspecialty of [[internal medicine]] and of [[pediatrics]], typically establishing a
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  • ...ces. In addition to providing materials, they also provide the services of specialists who are experts in matters related to finding and organizing informatio ...faculty of that and other academic institutions. Some academic libraries, especially those at public institutions, are accessible to of the general public in
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  • ...e.html Chemical Corps branch profile]</ref> Other countries have technical specializations with similar names.
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  • {{r|Special Branch}}
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  • ...lfe]] has a brief role as Assistant Commissioner and head of the [[Special Branch]]
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  • ...some cases, USSOCOM has operational control, but Special Forces (and other special operations forces) are usually attached to geographically [[Unified Combata Special Forces have a core set of seven missions, and may carry out other related d
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  • ...nk company). Combat battalions typically have 800-1,000 soldiers, although specialized [[combat support]] and [[combat service support]] battalions (e.g., med ..., a corps is geographic rather than tactical, or may represent a branch of specialization. Under NATO guidelines, a corps has approximately 50,000 soldiers.
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  • ...actics, they tended to be assigned to ground forces; long-range rescue and special operations helicopters might be under air forces or navies. ...ted States Army]], [[Army aviation]] is a specific branch of service, with special responsibility for [[air assault]] technology and doctrine.
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  • ...ks or even months. And Gorgan's masters have confidence that the [[Special Branch]] and Colonel Russell's Security Executive together will be able to secure
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  • ...oup'''. The classified meaning was '''Military Assistance Command Vietnam-Special Operations Group''', responsible for covert operations against [[North Viet ...n a few days. The first commander of the airborne operations section was a Special Forces lieutenant colonel named Edward Partain, whose experience had been p
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  • ...) or '''Strategic Technical Directorate (STD)''' was the covert action and special reconnaissance organization of the [[Republic of Vietnam]]. It paralleled t ...tral Intelligence Agency]] and [[United States Army Special Forces]] for [[special reconnaissance]] and [[unconventional warfare]].
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  • ...ce Gregorio Petrella, was in the Spanish equivalent of England's [[Special Branch]] when he met Petrella's British mother, Mirabel Trentham-Foster, in front
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  • ...n the Saudi border by [[U.S. Air Force]] [[MH-53 Pave Low|MH-53 PAVE LOW]] special operations helicopters. ...targets, the Army was urging that bombing move to Iraqi military forces, especially the Republican Guard. CENTCOM intelligence reappraised AFCENT bomb damage
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  • ...y of '''Statistics''' refers primarily to a branch of [[mathematics]] that specializes in enumeration, or counted, [[data]] and their relation to measured [[d
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  • ...Minister]] [[Margaret Thatcher]], and of many of those of [[Tony Blair]], especially of the [[Iraq War|war in Iraq]]. His willingness to openly express his op ...branch-402385.html How the anti-apartheid movement was spied on by Special Branch] ''The Independent'' 15 September 2007</ref> Yet Ken Livingstone's left-win
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  • In 1946, the Special Branch was created within the RCMP to specifically handle intelligence and securit ...S).'' Because of concerns of possible threats to civil liberties, a Senate special commission was established to hold public hearings into Bill C-157. After t
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  • ...y Leviathan was Great Britain, with [[Operation Barras]], which involved [[special reconnaissance]], [[direct action (military)|direct action]], and [[hostage ...assistance in closing the security gap begins with training, sometimes in specialized areas such as intelligence. More direct, but still noncombat support, i
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  • ...from Williams on September 17 of that year. Branch line trains as well as special excursions departing from Southern California, Chicago, and [[Texas]] (and
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  • The theory of statistics refers primarily to a branch of mathematics that specializes in enumeration, or counted, [[data]] and their relation to measured [[d ...Note that it is debatable whether statistics should be considered a &ldquo;branch of mathematics&rdquo; and indeed the consensus among statisticians is that
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  • ...are all examples of trace fossils. The study of fossil traces is a special branch of [[paleontology]], called [[ichnology]]. [[Silica]], and especially its most common crystallized form (the mineral [[quartz]]), is extremely
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  • '''Medicine''' is the oldest branch of [[health science]]. Medicine refers both to an ''area of knowledge'', (h ...s uniform around the world and throughout the varying medical and surgical specialties: the patient history, physical examination and the analysis of laborato
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  • ...apon]]s, one of the roles of the Marine Corps detachment was to guard the "special weapons" magazine; one of the reasons for removing Marine detachments from ...Beachmaster Unit was later commissioned for the purpose of maintaining the special teams to control boat traffic and conduct boat salvage operations in the su
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  • ...serve under the Defence Forces. The Irish Army Rangers is a special forces branch which operates under the aegis of the army. The 1937 [[Constitution of Ireland]] gave the Roman Catholic Church a "special position" as the church of the majority, but also recognised other Christia
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  • ...est, in contrast to the FBI. When arrests are needed, the police [[Special Branch (UK)]] must be called. ...g and countering the actual or possible compromise of highly classified or special DND or CF material; conducting CI security investigations, operations and s
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  • ...[Iraq War]] involved both conventional warfare and insurgency, the latter especially in the highly multipolar situation following high-intensity conflict. So ...s where there is no recognized authority, as in the [[Somali Civil War]], especially the [[Somali Civil War#Division of Somalia (1998-2006)| period, from 1998
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  • in both [[intelligence cycle management | intelligence]] and military [[special operations]] functions that either should be completely secret (i.e., [[Cla ...) worked closely with the British [[Secret Intelligence Service]] (SIS), [[Special Operations Executive]] (SOE), and [[Political Warfare Executive]] (PWE). Th
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  • ...ant Command]] with the mission statement <blockquote>Provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests. Plan and s ...atant Commands, or, when ordered to do so, may keep operational control of Special Operations units on strategic missions.
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  • ...assign considerable resources for the direct support of staff functions, especially intelligence and [[information operations]]. ==General vs. special staff==
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  • ...esitation in going forward to acquire skill in so practical and valuable a branch of therapeutics. The physician can not devote the time required by some of additional 5% was due to subluxations elsewhere in the skeletal frame, especially the joints of the feet. There were no nerves passing through the joints o
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  • ...many [[Portuguese Creole|Portuguese creoles]] appeared around the world, especially in [[Africa]], [[Asia]] and the [[Caribbean]]. ...than the Brazilian dialects, although in some aspects of their phonology, especially the pronunciation of unstressed vowels, they resemble Brazilian Portugues
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