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  • The '''Special Branch''', originally the '''Special Irish Branch''', was an entity within the [[Scotland Yard|Metropolitan Police]] of Londo
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  • The '''Special Branch''', originally the '''Special Irish Branch''', was an entity within the [[Scotland Yard|Metropolitan Police]] of Londo
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  • ...d, the name has been especially associated with the department's detective branch, known since 1878 as the [[Criminal Investigation Department]] or CID, but ...[[Special Branch]], which function with a degree of independence in their specialized areas. Its first offices were at No. 4 Whitehall Place, and over the ye
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  • A branch of mathematics that specializes in enumeration, or counted, data and their relation to measured data.
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  • ...Tuesday, June 17, 2008. His previous assignment was as deputy commander of Special Operations Command Europe (Airborne).<ref>{{citation | publisher = [[Army Special Operations Command]] news service
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  • '''Combat arms''' as those branches of service with the mission of making direct contact with enemy forces an ...ineer]]s, [[Air, artillery and missile defense]], and [[special operations|special operations forces]]. Different nations, at different times, have had diffe
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  • [[Surgeon]] specializing in the branch of surgery treating diseases and conditions involving the musculoskeletal s
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  • | author = Special Pathogens Branch, [[Centers for Disease Control]]}}</ref> identifying it involved both Navaj ...ussion with Navajo elders revealed that the pinon nut harvest of 1993 was especially rich, which caused overgrowth of the deer mouse, ''Peromyscus maniculatus
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  • ...s no police powers of its own, but works closely with the police [[Special Branch]].
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  • {{r|Special Branch}}
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  • ...employ indigenous knowledge as part of their organizational approach place special emphasis on local knowledge and participation in preference to top-down str | author = Special Pathogens Branch, [[Centers for Disease Control]]}}</ref> identifying it involved both Navaj
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  • ...]]s use pairs of parallel rails, special sections of track are required to branch one track to two tracks.
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  • ...ine of [[materials science]] which includes researchers in [[chemistry]] (especially [[organic chemistry]]), [[physics]], and [[engineering]]. The field of p disciplines share some of the terminology familiar to polymer science, especially when describing the synthesis of biopolymers such as DNA or polysaccharid
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  • 1971), quoted in Young, pp. 56-57</ref> Land reform in South Vietnam, especially in the [[Mekong Delta]], was a greater opportunity than in the Philippine *An investigative service, the Special Branch
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  • ...cies separate and distinct from their intelligence collection services for specialized purposes. This article deals with the foundation of the art, and measu ...police powers but works closely with law enforcement called the [[Special Branch]] that can carry out arrests, do searches with a warrant, etc. Russia's ma
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  • A unit, or branch of service, historically derived from [[cavalry]], that specializes in operating from [[armored fighting vehicle]]s, using speed, maneuver,
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  • ...]], and specialized first-level administrative law bodies in the Executive Branch
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  • ...g themselves 'nephrologists'. Medical schools recognize nephrology as a subspecialty of [[internal medicine]] and of [[pediatrics]], typically establishing a
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  • ...ces. In addition to providing materials, they also provide the services of specialists who are experts in matters related to finding and organizing informatio ...faculty of that and other academic institutions. Some academic libraries, especially those at public institutions, are accessible to of the general public in
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  • ...e.html Chemical Corps branch profile]</ref> Other countries have technical specializations with similar names.
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  • {{r|Special Branch}}
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  • ...lfe]] has a brief role as Assistant Commissioner and head of the [[Special Branch]]
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  • ...some cases, USSOCOM has operational control, but Special Forces (and other special operations forces) are usually attached to geographically [[Unified Combata Special Forces have a core set of seven missions, and may carry out other related d
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  • ...nk company). Combat battalions typically have 800-1,000 soldiers, although specialized [[combat support]] and [[combat service support]] battalions (e.g., med ..., a corps is geographic rather than tactical, or may represent a branch of specialization. Under NATO guidelines, a corps has approximately 50,000 soldiers.
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  • ...actics, they tended to be assigned to ground forces; long-range rescue and special operations helicopters might be under air forces or navies. ...ted States Army]], [[Army aviation]] is a specific branch of service, with special responsibility for [[air assault]] technology and doctrine.
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  • ...ks or even months. And Gorgan's masters have confidence that the [[Special Branch]] and Colonel Russell's Security Executive together will be able to secure
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  • ...oup'''. The classified meaning was '''Military Assistance Command Vietnam-Special Operations Group''', responsible for covert operations against [[North Viet ...n a few days. The first commander of the airborne operations section was a Special Forces lieutenant colonel named Edward Partain, whose experience had been p
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  • ...) or '''Strategic Technical Directorate (STD)''' was the covert action and special reconnaissance organization of the [[Republic of Vietnam]]. It paralleled t ...tral Intelligence Agency]] and [[United States Army Special Forces]] for [[special reconnaissance]] and [[unconventional warfare]].
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  • ...ce Gregorio Petrella, was in the Spanish equivalent of England's [[Special Branch]] when he met Petrella's British mother, Mirabel Trentham-Foster, in front
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  • ...n the Saudi border by [[U.S. Air Force]] [[MH-53 Pave Low|MH-53 PAVE LOW]] special operations helicopters. ...targets, the Army was urging that bombing move to Iraqi military forces, especially the Republican Guard. CENTCOM intelligence reappraised AFCENT bomb damage
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  • ...y of '''Statistics''' refers primarily to a branch of [[mathematics]] that specializes in enumeration, or counted, [[data]] and their relation to measured [[d
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  • ...Minister]] [[Margaret Thatcher]], and of many of those of [[Tony Blair]], especially of the [[Iraq War|war in Iraq]]. His willingness to openly express his op ...branch-402385.html How the anti-apartheid movement was spied on by Special Branch] ''The Independent'' 15 September 2007</ref> Yet Ken Livingstone's left-win
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  • In 1946, the Special Branch was created within the RCMP to specifically handle intelligence and securit ...S).'' Because of concerns of possible threats to civil liberties, a Senate special commission was established to hold public hearings into Bill C-157. After t
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  • ...y Leviathan was Great Britain, with [[Operation Barras]], which involved [[special reconnaissance]], [[direct action (military)|direct action]], and [[hostage ...assistance in closing the security gap begins with training, sometimes in specialized areas such as intelligence. More direct, but still noncombat support, i
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  • ...from Williams on September 17 of that year. Branch line trains as well as special excursions departing from Southern California, Chicago, and [[Texas]] (and
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  • The theory of statistics refers primarily to a branch of mathematics that specializes in enumeration, or counted, [[data]] and their relation to measured [[d ...Note that it is debatable whether statistics should be considered a &ldquo;branch of mathematics&rdquo; and indeed the consensus among statisticians is that
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  • ...are all examples of trace fossils. The study of fossil traces is a special branch of [[paleontology]], called [[ichnology]]. [[Silica]], and especially its most common crystallized form (the mineral [[quartz]]), is extremely
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  • '''Medicine''' is the oldest branch of [[health science]]. Medicine refers both to an ''area of knowledge'', (h ...s uniform around the world and throughout the varying medical and surgical specialties: the patient history, physical examination and the analysis of laborato
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  • ...apon]]s, one of the roles of the Marine Corps detachment was to guard the "special weapons" magazine; one of the reasons for removing Marine detachments from ...Beachmaster Unit was later commissioned for the purpose of maintaining the special teams to control boat traffic and conduct boat salvage operations in the su
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  • ...serve under the Defence Forces. The Irish Army Rangers is a special forces branch which operates under the aegis of the army. The 1937 [[Constitution of Ireland]] gave the Roman Catholic Church a "special position" as the church of the majority, but also recognised other Christia
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  • ...est, in contrast to the FBI. When arrests are needed, the police [[Special Branch (UK)]] must be called. ...g and countering the actual or possible compromise of highly classified or special DND or CF material; conducting CI security investigations, operations and s
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  • ...[Iraq War]] involved both conventional warfare and insurgency, the latter especially in the highly multipolar situation following high-intensity conflict. So ...s where there is no recognized authority, as in the [[Somali Civil War]], especially the [[Somali Civil War#Division of Somalia (1998-2006)| period, from 1998
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  • in both [[intelligence cycle management | intelligence]] and military [[special operations]] functions that either should be completely secret (i.e., [[Cla ...) worked closely with the British [[Secret Intelligence Service]] (SIS), [[Special Operations Executive]] (SOE), and [[Political Warfare Executive]] (PWE). Th
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  • ...ant Command]] with the mission statement <blockquote>Provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests. Plan and s ...atant Commands, or, when ordered to do so, may keep operational control of Special Operations units on strategic missions.
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  • ...assign considerable resources for the direct support of staff functions, especially intelligence and [[information operations]]. ==General vs. special staff==
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  • ...esitation in going forward to acquire skill in so practical and valuable a branch of therapeutics. The physician can not devote the time required by some of additional 5% was due to subluxations elsewhere in the skeletal frame, especially the joints of the feet. There were no nerves passing through the joints o
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  • ...many [[Portuguese Creole|Portuguese creoles]] appeared around the world, especially in [[Africa]], [[Asia]] and the [[Caribbean]]. ...than the Brazilian dialects, although in some aspects of their phonology, especially the pronunciation of unstressed vowels, they resemble Brazilian Portugues
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  • ...ology. Specialized functions of cells and organs are also included in this branch of [[biology]]. So, in the [[heart]], for example, the electrical conductin
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  • {{seealso|United States Special Operations Command}} ...central or west Africa, its important interactions are with East Africa, especially [[Sudan]] and [[Libya]].
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  • ...influential. The term ''classical mechanics'' is often taken to include [[special relativity]], formulated by [[Albert Einstein]] in response to challenges t ..., however cannot be described by Newtonian physics and for such situations special relativity must be applied.
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  • ...the mind consists of both domain-specific and domain-general mechanisms, especially [[evolutionary developmental psychology|evolutionary developmental psycho # Evolved psychological mechanisms are functionally specialized to solve adaptive problems that recurred for humans over deep evolution
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  • ...s, abattis'''—a defensive obstacle formed by felled trees with sharpened branches facing the enemy |'''belle'''—a popular and attractive girl or woman; especially a girl or woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite, ie, "the bell
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  • ...udi military could stop an Iraqi invasion, the idea of having foreigners, especially non-[[Arab]], non-[[Islam|Muslim]] forces enter the Kingdom was alarming Had Saddam chosen to move immediately into Saudi Arabia, especially for a short distance, little could stop him until more forces arrived. Hi
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  • ...d States Army Special Forces]] (SF) and other units in the [[United States Special Operations Command]]. The United States definition of UW is: ...ate that must imply overthrow of governments or occupying powers. This is especially illustrated by the stated objective to rid the Middle East of the “occu
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  • 4) Protein folding is aided and stabilized by special chaperone proteins. 5) Some evidence indicates that DNA is stabilized by specialized histone-like proteins.
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  • ...|date=1995 |accessdate=2007-11-12 |url= }}</ref> Though the state's basic human devel ...=192–195}}.</ref><ref>{{harvnb|Iyengar|2001|pp=303–307}}.</ref> Many, especially Jews and Christians, escaped persecution and established the [[Syrian Mal
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  • ...of surrendered groups, physical security, detention facilities, etc. Other branches are often responsible for intelligence, trials and interpretation of mili
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  • In [[biology]], a '''neuron''' is a [[cell]] that specializes in information transfer, and the fundamental unit of the [[nervous syst]] and extends for various distances, from micrometers to meters, before branching extensively to form synapses. Adjacent to the axon hillock is the [[ini
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  • .... The plate is then washed to remove all other components of the serum. A specially prepared "secondary antibody" &mdash; an antibody that binds to human ant ...lilitre.<ref>[ FDA summary of branched DNA test], accessed 5 Oct 2006.</ref>
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  • [[File:LambertWmapT.png|right|400px|thumb|[[Complex map]] of the principal branch of the Lambert'''W''' function: ...ath> or <math>x=\ln(4x)</math>. Such equations cannot otherwise, except in special cases, be solved explicitly in terms of algebraic operations, exponentials
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  • As an [[administrative agency]] in the [[executive branch]] of the government of the [[United States of America]], the FDA derives al ...ithin the Office of Regulatory Affairs and criminal matters are handled by special agents within the [[Office of Criminal Investigations]] (OCI).
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  • ...d later complained bitterly of his lack of a sustained, formal education, especially in the art of writing. At fourteen David started working in his father's ...that every country could maximize its benefit from international trade by specializing in the export of those goods it produced least inefficiently and impor
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  • ...ry]]. The term may refer to a branch of military service, or units of that branch. ...thin armed forces, but also provide classic police services related to the special relations of a military force to other civilian and opposing military group
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  • when it is realized that much of Schwartz's career was with [[Air Force Special Operations Command]], including combat. ...Warfare at the [[National War College]]; and Chief of the Tactical Fighter Branch, Tactical Forces Division, Directorate of Plans, Headquarters U.S. Air Forc
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  • ...s|acoustic energy]] transmitted through the body. Another, closely related specialty, [[nuclear medicine]], obtains and interprets images produced by [[radioa ...ists are quite competent in diagnosing from imaging specifically for their specialty. Much [[orthopedics| orthopedic surgery]], for example, is done with an X
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  • ...Court a power center on a more even base with Congress and the presidency especially through four landmark decisions: ''[[Brown v. Board of Education]]'' (195 ...unable to decide the issue and asked to rehear the case in fall 1953, with special attention to whether the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause pro
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  • load and unload passengers. He also mentioned that the concept of these branches could be used to extend the route to other destinations as well. ...Southern California-based startup, has spearheaded the idea. JumpStartFund specializes in taking open-source software and pushing it out the public even furth
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  • Owing to a remarkable range of highly specialised adaptations to suit very different climates and very different pollinat ...sence never damages their hosts, although, in exceptional cases, some tree branches may not be strong enough to sustain the weight of a large colony and may
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  • Owing to a remarkable range of highly specialised adaptations to suit very different climates and very different pollinat ...sence never damages their hosts, although, in exceptional cases, some tree branches may not be strong enough to sustain the weight of a large colony and may
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  • ...l geometry]]; metric properties of the metric spaces which appear in other branches of mathematics (e.g. [[Banach space]]s, in particular [[Hilbert space]]s) way). Thus formally the theory of simple graphs can be considered as a special chapter of the theory of metric spaces. Indeed, as a rule, the notions of t
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  • ...rbour and Frost (1988) p.28</ref> Many migrated to America in the 1600's, especially to [[New Jersey]] and the region around [[Philadelphia]] in the colony of Quaker leaders in many American reform movements past and present, especially abolition of [[slavery]], [[Native American]]s' rights, [[Prohibition of
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  • ...e and space, causation, change, and identity (which are presupposed in the special sciences but do not belong to any one of them); theoretical philosophy as t ...nomenon; the underlying concepts or first principles on which a particular branch of knowledge is based. Usu. with of.
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  • In July 1971 General Butler was assigned as special assistant to the director, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Executive Offi ...he served from October 1974 to September 1975 as executive officer for the special assistant for strategic initiatives, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, P
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  • ...ties, but also establishes a long-term effort to breed for an adept with a special insight. ...the significance of the relics they preserved, but they knew their duty, especially with artifacts of the Founder, be it an schematic drawing of an electroni
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  • ...Z) points. For example, in an attack on Moscow, the [[Kremlin]] and the [[Special Purpose Command]] headquarters of the [[Russian Air Force]] might be target | contribution = Letter from Captain John H. Morse, Special Assistant to the Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, to Lewis Strauss, Chai
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  • ...s in the transportation component of [[special operations]]; he headed the Special Operations component (SOCPAC) of [[United States Pacific Command]].<ref nam ...not Air Force, organization -- GEN Schwartz has established credentials in special operations.
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  • ...ater joined the Republican Party. He continued to serve in the legislative branch up until 1861. He was twice elected president of the Alabama senate.<ref> {
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  • ...], [[air force]] (other than air elements under direct army control) and [[special operations]]. [[Coalition warfare]] goes a step farther, in involving diff Combined arms and doctrine has been a specialty of the [[United States Marine Corps]]. Its current [[Marine Air-Ground Ta
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  • ...urse of time, physical phenomena have been grouped together under specific branches. While it is widely believed that the whole of physics can be considered ...especially by the fact that the current models developed by the different branches of physics give contradictory solutions to the same problem when they are
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  • ...olished in 1989, was [[Mir-Hossein Mousavi]], considered a strong leader, especially on economic matters. Mousavi was the chief challenger to Ahmadinejad in 2 ...e Supreme Leader has started to give [Ahmadinejad] some room to maneuver, especially on domestic issues." <ref name=CFR2009-06-17 />
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  • ...In 1828, upon the death of [[Bartlett Yancey, Jr.]], Brown was chosen in a special election to replace Yancey in the [[North Carolina Senate]]. Like Bartlett ...ian]] (the party that would become the Democratic Party) to succeed [[John Branch]] as a United States Senator from North Carolina. In the Senate, he chaire
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  • ...n [[Yoga]] is based on Hatha Yoga, which, dating to 1000 CE, has developed special breathing exercises and posture, such as the familiar lotus position.) [[Ra ...nd afflictions (including attachment, aversion, egoism, love of life, and especially ignorance). The author outlines two forms of Yoga: ''kriya'' (the yoga of
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  • ...]], was run by his brother and closest adviser, [[Ngo Dinh Nhu]]. Nhu was especially conspiratorial, and, while charismatic in his way, also engendered enmity ...-oriented function similar to [[United States Army Special Forces]], but, especially under Diem, they acted as a political police and not as a nation-building
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  • ...r Tialbold'' for Billposters. MP(Magic Points)increases Asalraalaikum's (a special attack used by the Billposter class) power.<br /><br /> ...eing killed repeatedly (which removes some disposition) or by completing a special Angel quest (which resets disposition to 0.) The only way for a player to
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  • The twentieth century saw increasing specialization within the discipline of geography. Scholars began to study either ==Branches of environmental geography==
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  • ...biophysics has in its many subfields developed its own theories and highly specialized techniques, which form the core of the curriculum in any institute teac
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  • ...adverse situations, often called "wilderness survival" although there are specialized techniques for arctic, desert, water, and jungle survival. A [[survival [[Survival analysis]] is a branch of [[biostatistics]].
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  • ...any other functions, especially in unincorporated areas, are handled by '''special districts''' ranging from '''municipal utility districts''' to '''transit d '''Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)''', power over creation of special districts and annexation of unincorporated land to cities within the county
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  • ...ot [[hypersonic wind tunnel]] branch and the hypervelocity ballistic range branch. In 1958, Eggers headed up the Manned Satellite Team, which was to design
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  • ...f Appeals]], to the [[Supreme Court of the United States]]. There are also specialized [[United States Bankruptcy Court]]s and courts established under Congre ...Federal Circuit, which has has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals in specialized cases, such as those involving patent laws and cases decided by the Cou
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  • ...nd used punched cards as input. It was especially novel for being able to branch on result of previous instruction. Issues preventing full realization of b
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  • '''Mortality''' is the branch of [[demography]] that studies rates and causes of deaths for a population of people. Groups or localities with high mortality rates call out for special attention. A decline in the rates is a gauge of progress. All the mortalit
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  • '''Broadcasting''' is a special case of multicast, where all possible destinations, perhaps within a certai .... If multicasting is interactive, the end user nodes act as both roots and branches.
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  • Civil engineering today is comprised of many related specialties, which overlap and shade into each other. ...General Civil Engineering is also referred to as Site/Civil Engineering; a branch of Civil Engineering that primarily focuses on converting a tract of land f
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  • ...e search for truth : comprehensive, profound, or philosophical knowledge; especially : knowledge obtained and tested through use of the [[Scientific method|sc We can divide sciences to two main branches:
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  • ...enior staff assignment, such as chief of staff for a [[division]], or of a branch (e.g., intelligence) of a [[corps]] or higher command. ...and was senior among its officers. Such a regiment might be mercenaries, especially in the Middle Ages, or of volunteers, as in the [[American Civil War]].
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  • *Interesting style of growing branches - called "habit" - "weeping" trees are an example Plants used for decoration or as special features in a house or garden are just as hard to define as ornamental tree
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  • ...y has developed into a discipline in itself, although it also represents a specialization within [[neuroscience]]. The delineation of distinct structures and
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  • Before retirement, he was in [[United States Army Special Forces]], and then was Defense Intelligence Officer for the Middle East, So ..., top-level executives are apt to be managerial rather than subject matter specialists. They often fall into the trap of [[mirror-imaging]].
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  • ...7) was a [[general]] in the [[U.S. Army]], [[Chief of Staff of the Army]], special representative to the military under President [[John F. Kennedy]], [[Chair ...nch, but transferred to [[artillery|Field Artillery]] and stayed with that branch until becoming a founder of [[paratroop|Airborne ]].
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  • (ARVN)'''. There were smaller separate Air Force (e.g., RVNAF) and Navy branches, but ARVN was used generically for the RVN armed forces as well as for th ...nterior. The Defense Secretary directed of General Staff chief and several special sub-departments. The General staff chief, in turn, commanded the Joint Gene
    5 KB (775 words) - 20:19, 4 July 2010
  • ...ent]], and <i>the only true</i> Marx theory. Then, with this pretext, many branches of Science were attacked ([[Theory of relativity]], [[Quantum mechanics]] ...the USSR and described by Orwell, the self-consistency is declared in the special axiom.
    12 KB (1,761 words) - 09:36, 4 September 2014
  • ...f Defense, most recently acting as Senior Analyst in the Counter Terrorism branch of the Dutch Defense Intelligence Service's Counter Intelligence Department Madeleine Gruen is currently a Senior Analyst, specializing in radicalization and domestic terrorism, for the NEFA Foundation and
    6 KB (804 words) - 06:59, 6 October 2013
  • special in this regard; there are hundreds of so-called <b>NP-hard</b> problems whi * given an oracle that tells you which branch to try first, the problem can be solved in polynomial time &mdash; just che
    15 KB (2,548 words) - 02:03, 21 August 2010
  • :*DNI Special Security Center, for coordinating the dissemination of intelligence informa | title = DNI Special Security Center}}</ref>
    6 KB (810 words) - 01:23, 1 March 2012
  • ...le, substantial amounts of money and resources and the input of many other specialists beyond the architect. ...building would also be beautiful and that architecture could be seen as a branch of engineering and nothing more.
    35 KB (5,491 words) - 14:41, 21 January 2018
  • ...ghly paralleled that of the CIA, with operational, analytical, and support branches. Its operational units, however, not only included clandestine intelligen became the first mission of [[United States Army Special Forces]]. Army Special Forces were formed in 1952, the same year in which all of the nonmilitary c
    1 KB (203 words) - 00:47, 9 August 2010
  • 50 [[Metre (unit)|metres]] long. Along the way, the stepped leader may branch into a number of paths as it continues to descend. The progression of stepp ...he Earth acquires an [[electric charge]] in its outer atmospheric layers, especially the ionosphere, from these particles. This charge will neutralize itself
    47 KB (7,316 words) - 00:10, 18 October 2013
  • ...n. Ordinary people cheered and hailed him as the expected Messiah, waving branches of [[palm]] in salute and throwing their cloaks and other garments on the ...yle from a relatively simple service to the strictly prescribed liturgy or special [[mass (religion)|masses]] of churches with a [[catholic]] tradition.
    1 KB (189 words) - 17:09, 2 April 2009
  • ...ipedal apes were not directly ancestral to humankind and that at least one branching had occurred in the hominin line: one leading to [[Homo sapiens]] Homo s ...ase in work. The Sterkfontein Research Unit (SRU) was formed to undertake specialized work at Sterkfontein under the direction of Phillip Tobias and the Pala
    10 KB (1,510 words) - 12:04, 9 June 2009
  • There are three main branches to the sport of cycle racing: [[track cycling]], [[Road bicycle racing|ro This form of racing takes place in a special type of stadium known as a [[velodrome]]. The velodrome can be constructed
    3 KB (472 words) - 09:41, 3 October 2019
  • Dennis Ross (1948)- is a special assistant to President [[Barack Obama]] and senior director of the Central ...Secretary of State [[Hillary Clinton]]'s advisor on the Persian Gulf and special envoy to Iran. In June 2009, he suddenly moved to the NSC, with speculation
    5 KB (743 words) - 23:25, 9 October 2009
  • ...ce). During his tenure, a National Security Council Directive on Office of Special Projects, June 18, 1948 (NSC 10/2) further gave the CIA the authority to ca During the first years of its existence, other branches of government did not exercise much control over the Central Intelligence
    41 KB (6,051 words) - 03:55, 7 February 2011
  • As with many branches of MASINT, specific techniques may overlap with the six major conceptual MASINT radar sensors may on space, sea, air, and fixed or mobile platforms. Specialized MASINT radar techniques include line-of-sight (LOS), over-the-horizon,
    30 KB (4,389 words) - 13:54, 1 October 2013
  • In 1937, Johnson ran for Congress in a special election for the 10th Congressional District to represent [[Austin, Texas]] ...(1982) is full of details.</ref> In 1941, he ran for the U.S. Senate in a special election against the sitting governor, radio personality W. Lee "Pappy" O'D
    43 KB (6,522 words) - 16:09, 10 February 2011
  • '''Edward A. Suchman''' was an American sociologist, specializing during his career in studies of military organization, the measurement ...e served as a [[Research Associate]] of the U.S. [[War Department Research Branch]] where he conducted sociological studies of military personnel. These were
    2 KB (325 words) - 15:09, 25 April 2013
  • {{r|Rob Malley}}Advisory council, [[J Street]]; Former Special Assistant to the President for Arab-Israeli Affairs ...Knesset]] Member; former Commander of the IDF Central Command and Planning Branch; former Mayor of Haifa
    17 KB (2,397 words) - 15:22, 26 January 2011
  • ...h that nation's defense. "Militaries" are generally divided into different branches of a specific type of service, including (in alphabetical order) an [[air ...rica are an all-volunteer professional force, and are divided into several branches and departments based on the capabilities they bring to the [[battle]].
    5 KB (749 words) - 18:47, 29 August 2009
  • '''Aerospace engineering''' is the branch of [[engineering]] that concerns [[aircraft]], [[spacecraft]], and related ...l, instrumentation and communication, or production methods. They also may specialize in a particular type of aerospace product, such as commercial aircraft,
    6 KB (813 words) - 14:31, 18 February 2010
  • ...s one displays "an almost Jamesian awareness of [its] European locale, the special authenticity of a loving expatriate writing of an adopted foreign land." <r ...17</ref> presumably with a cover job in the World Research Organization, a branch of the [[United Nations]]; his post, however, is unspecified. In future nov
    12 KB (1,973 words) - 17:45, 10 September 2016
  • ==Relation with other special functions== ...n can be expressed through the ''Lambert W-function''; while the principal branch of the ''Lambert W-function'' can be expressed through the ''Tania'' functi
    19 KB (2,953 words) - 09:47, 11 October 2013
  • ...the baton of [[Anton Rubinstein]] and the auspices of the Saint Petersburg branch of the Russian Musical Society. In 1869 the first public performance of an ...''[[Khovanshchina]]''. During 1896-1904 he was director of the Petersburg branch of the Russian Musical Society.
    23 KB (2,986 words) - 20:58, 16 December 2015
  • ...h and resell F50s and F100s, and converted a few F50s to transport planes. Special projects included the development of a F50 Maritime Patrol version and a F1 This branch was split off in 1995 because it was profitable on its own. In 2002 Fokker
    37 KB (5,590 words) - 10:41, 17 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1857 - March 14, 1857
    91 KB (11,824 words) - 00:20, 3 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States *Special session of the Senate: April 1, 1867 – April 20, 1867
    87 KB (11,115 words) - 00:39, 3 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1851 -March 13, 1851
    84 KB (11,122 words) - 00:18, 3 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1853 - April 11, 1853
    86 KB (11,324 words) - 00:19, 3 October 2013
  • Although most microbes to not form specialized tissues like those found in plants and animals, they may, never-the-les ...bacteria which form [ branching multicellular mycelia with aerial spore bearing filaments] are one examp
    20 KB (2,784 words) - 15:08, 2 April 2009
  • ...and the state's junior (Class I) Senator is [[Scott Brown]] (R), who won a special election after the death of [[Edward Kennedy]].[ ...vercrowded and obsolete headquarters was located downtown). There are also branches in the North End (at the intersection of Tarkiln Hill Road and Ashley Bou
    28 KB (4,402 words) - 13:12, 14 March 2011
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1861 – March 28, 1861
    83 KB (10,565 words) - 00:20, 3 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the [[United States]] federal government, composed of the [[United State *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1863 – March 14, 1863
    70 KB (8,975 words) - 00:39, 3 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States * Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1845 - March 20, 1845.
    82 KB (10,943 words) - 00:18, 3 October 2013
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the [[United States *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1837 – March 10, 1837.
    86 KB (11,482 words) - 00:17, 3 October 2013
  • Meteorology also has many specialized sub-disciplines such as: * ''[[Atmospheric chemistry]]:'' A branch of atmospheric science in which the [[chemistry]] of the [[Earth's atmosphe
    9 KB (1,225 words) - 10:52, 28 September 2013
  • ...956, the two countries were still forming; the influence of major powers, especially [[France]] and the [[United States]], and to a lesser extent [[China]] an ...w of Diem, especially among [[Cao Dai]] that had considered themselves as especially persecuted by Diem. Pike believed that a portion of the NLF was variously
    67 KB (10,279 words) - 10:16, 17 October 2013
  • ...ed Forces|U.S. armed forces]] that has the role of [[naval infantry]], are specialists in [[amphibious warfare]], and operate as [[Marine Air-Ground Task Forc ...y (United States)|Department of the Navy]]. It is the smallest of the four branches by personnel, and is led by the [[Commandant of the Marine Corps]],<ref n
    23 KB (3,462 words) - 05:08, 15 February 2011
  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the [[United States]] federal government, consisting of the [[United Sta *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1829 – March 17, 1829.
    91 KB (11,613 words) - 00:15, 3 October 2013
  • ...staff and without being allowed to take notes. In contrast, the Executive Branch uses experts in planning the proposal. While the law is a little vague, the Executive Branch holds it needs to keep Congress informed, rather than obtain its permission
    48 KB (7,089 words) - 07:36, 8 October 2013
  • ...nt versions of this UAV, it was air-launched from underneath the wing of a specially modified Lockheed DC-130 Hercules, rather than ground-launched with rocke Soviet sources state the first specialized ELINT satellites, which received the designation of "Ferret," was begun
    74 KB (11,149 words) - 21:13, 23 July 2010
  • ...utive had significant unilateral authority, not subject to review by other branches of government. ...d a basic Constitutional concept, some powers indeed are unique to a given branch. The power to [[pardon]], for example, is unique to the President, as the t
    37 KB (5,555 words) - 14:13, 17 April 2011
  • ...e is a dominant male, females in a Bonobo society can often have control, especially when food and sex are in question. Females are able to have control over Bonobos are typically known to be the peaceful ape, especially when compared to their sister species. Aggression is rarely observed in
    28 KB (4,559 words) - 00:14, 14 January 2021
  • ...ry much less common than vertical gene transfer, so its detection requires special techniques. ..., the main lineages of microbial evolution can still be treated as 'trees' branched by vertical descent, with HGT included in the scheme only as 'cobwebs' (s
    29 KB (4,264 words) - 23:44, 2 October 2013
  • ...ry much less common than vertical gene transfer, so its detection requires special techniques. ..., the main lineages of microbial evolution can still be treated as 'trees' branched by vertical descent, with HGT included in the scheme only as 'cobwebs' (s
    33 KB (4,774 words) - 14:55, 20 September 2013
  • ...usly part of the [[United States Army]], the USAF was formed as a separate branch of the military on [[September 18]], 1947.<ref>80 P.L. 235, 61 Stat. 495 (1 ...d the [[United States Department of Defense]], which was composed of three branches, the Army, Navy and a newly-created Air Force.<ref>U.S. Department of Sta
    21 KB (3,059 words) - 19:40, 26 March 2011
  • assisted by the Office of Military Affairs in providing support to all branches of the military<ref name = OMA> {{cite web ...he [[United States Department of Defense]] was given additional budget for special operations. There has been more of an emphasis on the military running larg
    54 KB (7,768 words) - 14:23, 19 September 2013
  • ...ed for many more years. Smaller organizations, such as the [[United States Special Operations Command]] organization originally called the [[Intelligence Supp ...rmation Assurance Director (IAD). There are usually some very senior staff specialists bearing titles such as Chief Cryptologist.
    72 KB (10,683 words) - 13:22, 11 October 2013
  • ...a case in which intelligence services (and sensors managed by intelligence specialists) have provided the information that let operational commanders decide t ..., it may be that the legislative branch, or the parliamentary opposition (especially if a government fell over something that might be intelligence-related),
    61 KB (8,914 words) - 12:30, 28 September 2013
  • ...ed [[interrogation]], often with quite different policies and procedures, especially before 2007: ...d States Special Operations Command#Joint Special Operations Command|Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)]], with reporting both to the theater and their o
    106 KB (15,708 words) - 03:26, 3 November 2013
  • '''Geophysical MASINT''' is a branch of [[Measurement and signature intelligence]] (MASINT) that involves phenom As with many branches of MASINT, specific techniques may overlap with the six major conceptual
    74 KB (10,988 words) - 21:31, 25 November 2013
  • ...fied in that a principal task of the [[logician]] is the same across these branches: to advance an account of valid (i.e., correct) and fallacious (i.e., err ...e subject's notable areas of study are described. Links to more extensive specialized treatment are included throughout.
    32 KB (4,979 words) - 02:47, 13 November 2011
  • *biology-related sciences &mdash; she became a ''life'' scientist, specializing in plant physiology; ...tree trunks, each with an ordinary tree’s usual complement of leaves and branches, Pando covers 106 acres and, conservatively, weighs in excess of 13 milli
    194 KB (28,643 words) - 15:52, 21 November 2020
  • ...with the land operations in defense of the United States and its allies, especially [[NATO]]. ...Other, less commonly issued sidearms include the [[SIG P226|M11]], used by Special Agents of the [[United States Army Criminal Investigation Division|CID]],<r
    18 KB (2,792 words) - 00:29, 30 June 2011
  • ...-caps">bce</span>, the Ionians made major contributions to Greek culture, especially in art, literature and philosophy.</ref> ...ius, settled on the nearby peninsula of Cnidus, referred to as the Cnidian branch, also continued to practice medicine.
    97 KB (14,807 words) - 20:59, 3 October 2018
  • :*biology-related sciences (&mdash; she became a ''life'' scientist, specializing in plant physiology); ...tree trunks, each with an ordinary tree’s usual complement of leaves and branches, Pando covers 106 acres and, conservatively, weighs in excess of 13 milli
    150 KB (22,449 words) - 13:32, 6 September 2013
  • ...small, although there were eventually huge [[B-52]] area raids, as well as specialized attacks along the [[Ho Chi Minh trail]]. Other operations outside North Many of the missions in Laos and Cambodia, especially in the early days, were not acknowledged by the United States. Obviously,
    15 KB (2,352 words) - 00:50, 5 July 2010
  • ...duce positive intelligence. Much, but not all, of what it produces is from special cases of HUMINT. | id = FM2-0Ch9}}</ref>, it was sufficiently specialized not to be discussed in general counterintelligence documents of the nex
    33 KB (4,818 words) - 21:42, 7 February 2011
  • ...n what was northern part of what was South Vietnam. A [[United States Army Special Forces]] base was first established in 1964, manned by [[Civilian Irregular History and Museums Division, 1997, p. 59.</ref> The camp then became a Special Forces outpost of the [[Civilian Irregular Defense Group]]s (CIDG), whose p
    52 KB (8,500 words) - 19:02, 4 July 2010
  • '''Protestantism''' is the branch of [[Christianity]] that split away from the [[Roman Catholic Church]] as a ...nd vital characteristics of modern Protestantism; and articles on work for special classes—emigrants, Jews, seamen, workingmen, etc. The Bible and Tract soc
    57 KB (9,349 words) - 12:52, 11 October 2013
  • Many architectures provide special [[hardware]] and [[operating system]] features for stack frames. Although ...her languages, such as [[Java programming language|Java]] (which runs in a special [[runtime environment]] independent of the underlying operating system), do
    10 KB (1,539 words) - 19:16, 30 April 2011
  • is a special case. ...because you could conceivably avoid some of them by staying away from many specialized mathematical topics. On the other hand, the Gamma function <math>y = \G
    32 KB (5,024 words) - 17:05, 22 December 2008
  • ...wer supplies, etc.; it can be ambiguous if "physics package" refers to the specialized explosives that trigger fusion. The power supplies, arming system, etc. ...rimary. It is virtually impossible that a non-national actor could get the special nuclear materials, but, given adequate knowledge, a non-national group, wil
    32 KB (4,684 words) - 06:14, 10 October 2013
  • In 1962, a Special National Intelligence Estimate addressed "The threat to US security interes | id = Special National Intelligence Estimate 80-62
    67 KB (10,111 words) - 20:56, 30 October 2013
  • ...tanding him is best illustrated by comparison to seminal Western figures, especially the abolitionist [[John Brown]], but also [[John Bunyan]], [[Thomas Jeffe The [[Services Office]], with a U.S. branch called [[al-Khifa]], was an organization that specifically supported operat
    63 KB (9,802 words) - 12:43, 6 October 2013
  • ...ives). Compounds that are related to life processes are dealt with in the branch of chemistry which is called [[biochemistry]]. Because of the special properties of carbon, it is likely that life on other [[star]] systems will
    21 KB (3,100 words) - 17:11, 3 July 2009
  • ...nized the need for deploying small units, especially under the rubric of [[special operations]]. Nevertheless, the Restructuring is focused at large units -- Especially with special operations forces, it is also examining its cultural readiness to change an
    34 KB (5,030 words) - 12:10, 18 October 2013
  • ...n Taliban movement unquestionably abrogated the human rights of citizens, especially women, and also provided sanctuary to [[al-Qaeda]] and other terrorist gr ...the overthrow of King Zahir Shah in 1973, [[Pashtun people|Pashtun]], and especially [[Durrani|Durrani Pashtun]], made up the ''khan'' class, Afghanistan's eq
    57 KB (8,637 words) - 09:36, 19 April 2014
  • ...ties of the [[U.S. Department of Energy]] and other parts of the Executive Branch. the above, the following specific areas and subjects are identified for special attention during the 111th Congress.
    79 KB (11,453 words) - 07:18, 23 September 2013
  • ...shed British company, [[Matrix Churchill]] was bought by Iraq, its British branch an important manufacturer of advanced machine tools, and its American subsi Al-Arabi has been [[Office of Foreign Assets Control#Specially Designated Nationals List| banned from business with U.S. organizations]]
    28 KB (4,221 words) - 12:32, 12 September 2013
  • ...that, possibly in combination with military units from the [[United States Special Operations Command]] (USSOCOM), may take [[direct action (military)|direct ...t role in preventing terrorist infiltration by sea. Military units have a specialized [[Counter-intelligence#Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Oper
    32 KB (4,667 words) - 06:40, 5 October 2013
  • ...defining the raw information to be collected, exists, then both discipline specialists and resource schedulers need to select the appropriate collection syste ...irements were considered "as desirable but were not thought to present any special problem. Perhaps the man in the field did, after all, need some guidance;
    34 KB (5,215 words) - 19:05, 8 August 2010
  • an initiation reiki session to a student. The master teacher makes special signs over the crown of the student's head and on their hands with the inte ...acher"). Masters receive an initiation which includes an attunement with a special master symbol and instructed in its meaning and application. Only master-le
    14 KB (2,146 words) - 16:13, 25 January 2011
  • ...e" of Unix development had a profound impact on Unix and its descendants, especially in later years when AT&T decided to attempt to take ownership of it. Many ...r job very well." That is, a Unix system has many programs, each of which specializes in a small task. The user can combine these tools (via [[scripting]] o
    17 KB (2,705 words) - 23:17, 27 November 2009
  • ...erdiction]]. In the U.S. Army, helicopters are under the [[Army aviation]] branch. A representative attack helicopter is the U.S. Army's [[AH-64 Apache]]. As ...the heavier weapons fired from the attack helicopters. fter Vietnam, and especially into the 1990s, US Army, and some Soviet, attack helicopters became more
    9 KB (1,384 words) - 03:03, 11 February 2010
  • ...tices including reliance on a [[Rebbe]] or supreme religious leader, and a special dress code particular to each Hasidic group. prayer and holy days, including the weekly Sabbath. Observant Jews wear special garments and eat kosher food. Jewish practices also address the home, the s
    77 KB (11,975 words) - 05:46, 15 September 2013
  • ...rm everyday life and society in a wide variety ways, reflected by numerous branches of law. [[Contract law]] regulates agreements to exchange goods, services ...he relationships between sovereign nations. Public international law has a special status, because it has no police force, and its courts lack the capacity to
    82 KB (12,771 words) - 14:16, 4 October 2013
  • ...odesia, the protectorate came into its own when its reserves of minerals (especially [[Copper]]) were discovered. Despite the wishes of the European settlers, ...s". This statement was described by the chairman of the Northern Rhodesian branch of the United Federal Party as "a blast at the very foundations on which th
    39 KB (5,744 words) - 12:01, 9 June 2009
  • ...where in the region of 400 BC. There are several major [[Buddhism#See also|branches of Buddhism]], each with notable differences in teachings. Buddhists divi ...nite dates placed it around 400 BC. This remains the prevailing view among specialists, though only provisionally. He is said to have lived 80 years.
    21 KB (3,247 words) - 17:38, 8 September 2020
  • ...[atom]]ic and [[subatomic particle|subatomic]] levels. It is a fundamental branch of [[physics]] that provides the [[mathematical]] framework for many fields ...ured in particle-like small packets of energy called [[quanta]] led to the branch of physics that deals with atomic and subatomic systems which we now call Q
    37 KB (5,578 words) - 08:00, 7 August 2011
  • ...r.htm text of David Hume, ''Dialogues concerning Natural Religion'']; see especially Parts II-VIII for Hume's classic refutation of the design argument ...ttp:// Intelligent Design?] a special report reprinted from ''Natural History'' magazine</ref>. Thus, William Dem
    41 KB (6,418 words) - 04:05, 26 October 2013
  • ...rt of a legislative library. He wrote, "I do not know that it contains any branch of science which Congress would wish to exclude from their collection; ther ==Specialized collections and access services==
    6 KB (851 words) - 23:33, 9 July 2008
  • While there are specialized MASINT sensors, much of the MASINT discipline involves analysis of info Putting these concepts together is challenging; MASINT specialists themselves struggle with providing simple explanations of their field
    41 KB (5,949 words) - 23:39, 7 December 2013
  • ...ted perform no better as scientists than those who have not. Of what other branch of learning can it be said that it gives its proficients no advantage; that ...Didattica dell'evoluzione. In Evoluzione tra ricerca e didattica, XIV – Special number Edited by: Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Scienze Naturali. Ag
    64 KB (9,984 words) - 20:43, 23 September 2013
  • ...y be reestablished, as regards the political, administrative, and judicial branches, so far as this shall be permitted by the circumstances of military occup ...d thence in a direct line to the same); thence down the middle of the said branch and of the said river, until it empties into the Rio Colorado; thence acros
    30 KB (5,114 words) - 11:44, 5 August 2009
  • ...erdisciplinary sciences is distinguished from [[geriatrics]], which is the branch of medicine that studies the [[disease]]s of old age. Most fields of geront ...sychologist may specialize in early adults (and not be a gerontologist) or specialize in older adults (and be a gerontologist).
    12 KB (1,767 words) - 23:08, 25 December 2013
  • By the mid-1990s, America's view of [[Al-Kifah]], the U.S. branch of the [[Services Office]], which had been allowed to run a training center ...o Afghanistan, where he gave training in al-Qaeda camps. According to FBI special agent [[Jack Cloonan]], in one of Mohamed's first classes were [[Osama bin
    13 KB (1,992 words) - 23:28, 21 February 2010
  • ...and their appointment does not change with changes of government; whereas special advisers are temporary civil servants who are appointed by ministers, and w Oonagh Gay ''Special Advisers'', House of Commons Library, November 2010]</ref> within a total
    53 KB (7,978 words) - 11:39, 1 February 2020
  • ...ege]], [[Northfield, Minnesota]], in 1963 marked the start of at least one branch of neo-druidism. This congregation is called, in terms of the organizationa Féin]] ("ADF" or "our own Druidism" in [[Irish language|Irish]]), with branches present across the [[United States]], in [[Canada]], and some other count
    16 KB (2,561 words) - 16:52, 8 June 2009
  • called [[ophiophilia]], a fear of snakes is called [[ophidiophobia]]. A specialist in snakes is an [[ophiologist]].</ref> are "long-bodied, limb-reduced re ...Some species of snakes take a mixed diet, and others primarily eat a very specialized one, such as earthworms. Although all snakes swallow their prey whole,
    19 KB (2,969 words) - 10:58, 29 November 2013
  • ...on, commanders had to make ''ad hoc'' formations for every engagement, an especially challenging task since the modern [[staff (military)|staff]] had not been ...some were sufficiently large to be unwieldy. Depending on the country and branch of service, the chief unit of maneuver within a division was a [[regiment]]
    6 KB (920 words) - 04:26, 30 August 2009
  • ...ethnomusicology]], [[ethnobotany]], [[cultural ecology]] and various other specialized subdisciplines. Each subdiscipline approaches the study of humans from ...around them and to interact with each other and their environments. This branch studies kinship structures, subsistence strategies, religious and cosmologi
    27 KB (3,956 words) - 07:22, 12 October 2019
  • ...diastole, or on the motion of the heart and arteries, has been said with especial reference to the lungs. ...proceed to the septum itself, to supply it with nourishment? And what is especially worthy of notice is this: if in the foetus, where everything is more lax
    172 KB (31,000 words) - 19:07, 26 August 2008
  • ...act that other games, such as [[The Game of the Amazons|Amazons]], feature branching factors significantly larger than Go without sharing with go the apparen ...ngths. The much higher levels of pruning used for go, required by the high branch factor, limits the effectiveness of increasing the search depth in go.
    26 KB (4,194 words) - 10:43, 13 March 2020
  • ...e move-associated problems (see [[CZ:Monthly_Write-a-Thon#Special Requests|Special Requests]] below). [[User:Daniel Mietchen|Daniel Mietchen]] 07:35, 2 Octobe * Further suggestion: [[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted pages]]
    32 KB (5,103 words) - 14:13, 6 April 2015
  • ...t the tendency to see what they expect to see in the information. He urged special caution when a whole team of analysts immediately agrees on an interpretati Some intelligence disciplines, especially technical ones, will analyze the same raw data in different ways, for com
    37 KB (5,529 words) - 02:14, 27 September 2013
  • ...|B-tree]], data would be organized like a tree with branches, with records branching out from other records in a hierarchical format.<ref>{{citation ...velength by such means as [[Replication (computing)|replication]] in which specialized software hunted for changes (when the software programs found changed d
    46 KB (7,002 words) - 12:32, 18 September 2010
  • ...Laden was killed in, in [[Pakistan]], by a [[raid on Osama bin Laden|U.S. special operations raid]] in May 2011. As opposed to the [[Taliban]] and other extr signature had long been considered the complex and spectacular attack, especially those involving multiple synchronized events, such as in the [[1998 bombi
    47 KB (7,005 words) - 03:49, 24 March 2014
  • ...ted perform no better as scientists than those who have not. Of what other branch of learning can it be said that it gives its proficients no advantage; that considerable debate and disagreement about many aspects of the Theory, especially about which of the many mechanisms of natural selection are most importan
    60 KB (9,261 words) - 20:41, 23 September 2013
  • ...phy is not ''just'' a branch of mathematics. It might also be considered a branch of [[information security]] or of [[engineering]]. ...ion and analysis, there is no basis for trust. Of course "published" has a special meaning in some situations. Someone in a major government cryptographic age
    56 KB (8,878 words) - 17:44, 10 April 2014
  • ...penetrate deep between enemy lines, but generally in uniform, to conduct [[special reconnaissance]]. Such military units can be on the border of the line, in ...ans (e.g., fake news reporting) or actually going to work for country B. A special case is of the Country B loyalist who controls agents or provides other sup
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  • ...HP) is most useful where teams of people are working on complex problems, especially those with high stakes, involving human perceptions and judgments, whose ...e, or where communication among team members is impeded by their different specializations, terminologies, or perspectives.
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  • |journal=[[Integral Transforms and Special Functions]] ...with thick lines. Intermediate levels are shown with thin lines. There are branch points at
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  • .... Nintendo also purchased a sizable portion of [[Gyration Inc]], a company specializing in gyros and motion sensors, in 2001. ...with the [[Cartridge (electronics)|cartridge]] medium, a surprising move, especially considering their competition's choice of emerging [[CD-ROM]] storage med
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  • ...ere considered plants because they appeared sessile and similar to plants' branches. Additionally, many [[protist]]s were formerly classified as "microscopic Animal cells are organized into specialized, integrated arrangements called [[tissue]]s, which may in turn be organ
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  • ...arlborough, in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. He was a younger son of the senior branch of the Spencer family, which added the surname "Churchill" to its own in th ...of 1909-10 (with spending increase of 11% and multiple tax increases that especially targeted rich landowners), even as it caused a constitutional crisis with
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  • ...S. military and intelligence services, but not the Legislative or Judicial branches of the U.S. government. | title=The Cheney Branch of Government
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  • ...built in 1896 near [[Paauhau, Hawaii|Paauhau]] by the [[Hompa Hongwanji]] branch of [[Jodo Shinshu]]. In 1898, Japanese missionaries and immigrants establi ...irector of [[Open Court Publishing Company]], an academic publishing house specializing in [[philosophy]], [[science]], and [[religion]], and editor of ''[[Th
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  • '''Immunology''' is a broad branch of [[biomedical science|biomedical]] [[science]] that covers the study of a The human [[immunology|immune system]] has two functional branches that work together. ''Humoral'' immunity, principally mediated by [[lymph
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  • '''[[Astronomy]]''' is the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the [[Universe|universe]] as a ==Branches and subdisciplines==
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  • ...d easily move to a virtual server. "There are workflows that might require specialized hardware devices and so on, which could be more tricky," he said. "But Perhaps the greatest risk with clouds, especially if they are defined loosely as no more than marketing buzzwords, is that
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  • | publisher = Analysis Branch, U.S. Army Center of Military History ...o the [[Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff]]) for Counterinsurgency and Special Affairs (SACSA). SACSA was the Washington control for [[MACV-SOG]], the mil
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  • ...ran-Iraq War]]. Its greatest impact, however, was financial, with the U.S. branch of the state-owned largest bank in Italy providing several billion dollars Nazionale del Lavoro]] (BNL), obtained billions in credit from the U.S. branch of BNL, the largest bank in Italy, funneled US$ 5 billion to Iraq from 198
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  • ...ll]]s. [[Yeasts]], [[molds]], and [[mushrooms]] are examples of fungi. The branch of [[biology]] involving the study of fungi is known as [[mycology]]. The branch of [[biology]] involving the study of fungi is known as [[mycology]].<br><b
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  • ...or "all citizens" constituted as a public from a wide variety of possible special publics. The possibility of multiple publics (and its logical corollary of ...the actions and motives of the governing class of bureaucratic experts and specialists into terms that the general public could comprehend. He found the notio
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  • ...[[James Mattis]]. Further disruption came with the December 2010 death of special envoy to the region, [[Richard Holbrooke]].<ref>{{citation | title = Special Address
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  • ...t appearance. These are known as 'heterocysts', and they are biochemically specialized to fix [[atmosphere|atmospheric]] [[nitrogen|nitrogen gas]] as [[solubi ...structural features cannot be revealed with [[light microscope]]s, and the special [[electron microscope]]s (used to provide this image) are needed to discern
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  • ...ated extra (albeit heavyweight) sections of ''San Diegans'', and racetrack specials during horse racing season at [[Del Mar, California|Del Mar]] added to pas ...t|300px|{{ATSF depot ATSF 1247.jpg/credit}}<br />Santa Fe No. 1247 leads a special train into downtown to celebrate the dedication of the new depot in March,
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  • '''Number theory''' is a branch of [[pure mathematics]] devoted primarily to the study of the [[integers]]. ...'Cours d'arithmetique''. Textbooks for later stages in one's study tend to branch into analytic and algebraic number theory, among other subfields.
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  • ...ited States [[U.S. Congress|Congress]]''' was a meeting of the legislative branch of the [[United States]] federal government, consisting of the [[United Sta *Special session of the Senate: March 4, 1859 - March 10, 1859
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  • ...cle discusses '''historiography''', the writing of history by scholars and specialists. For lists of historians, see the Catalogs section above. This sectio ..., academic historians avoided epic nationalistic narratives, favoring more specialized studies looking as social, economic, political or intellectual forces.
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  • ===Branch=== ...pecialists. In the [[Royal Navy]], the command track has been the "seaman" branch. The [[U.S. Navy]] calls this "line".
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  • ...ian is a [[Romance language]], while Greek and Albanian comprise their own branches in the [[Indo-European languages|Indo-European]] family). ...n sub-branch of the South Slavic branch of the [[Slavic languages|Slavic]] branch of the [[Indo-European family]] of languages. The closest relative of Maced
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  • ...ociety that included commercial buying and selling. His economic thought (especially his value theory) is inspiring but sometimes contradictory and inconsiste ...cally analyze the functioning of an economy, the importance of technology, specialization and foreign trade in economic surplus and the role of government and
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  • ...>Cavanagh D. (2001) "The Arenas of the Unwell." ''QREM.'' A ''Q Magazine'' Special Edition. p. 91</ref> Two years later, he announced he was leaving the band. ...d store, Wuxtry's. A year later, he would re-locate to work at the Athens branch of the store. There he would meet frequent customer Michael Stipe.<ref nam
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  • ...programs, Secretary Rumsfeld established a [[compartmented control system|Special Access Program]] (SAP) codenamed COPPER GREEN, for interrogating prisoners, On April 3, special operations forces arrested one of al-Sadr's assistants, and al-Sadr respond
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  • ...oal for fuel, all of which were readily at hand. Reality was far harsher, especially for the first arrivals who lived in sod houses. However eastern money pou ...1909 provided bond guarantees to railway companies for the construction of branch lines, alleviating the concerns of farmers who had trouble getting their wh
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  • D.Kouznetsov. Superexponential as special function. [[Vladikavkaz Mathematical Journal]], 2010, v.12, issue 2, p.31-4 In addition, there are many branch points at the right hand side of the map in vicinity of the real axis;
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  • ...working for the new Office of Strategic Services in its Morale Operations Branch, which produced “black” propaganda. <ref name=Robarge /> He was surpris ...he was first assigned to Morale Operations, the [[psychological warfare]] branch.
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  • ...tically, or diagonally. Once in every game, each king is allowed to make a special move, known as ''[[castling]]''. Castling consists of moving the king two s ...cant squares vertically or horizontally (it is also involved in the king's special move of castling);
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  • ...ffice, the League of Women Voters has branches in all 50 states along with branches in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong. While the League of W ...s also advocates a ban on inexpensive handguns, known as "[[saturday night specials]]," stronger penalties for illegal gun possession or usage, and an allocat
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  • ...]], so there is a sensible and approvable core, from which subarticles can branch for continuing events. == Special Requests ==
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  • '''Common names:''' bush vipers.<ref name="SB95">Spawls S, Branch B. 1995. The Dangerous Snakes of Africa. Ralph Curtis Books. Dubai: Orienta ...ail is strongly prehensile and can support the body while suspended from a branch or a twig.<ref name="Meh87">Mehrtens JM. 1987. Living Snakes of the World i
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  • Urkingdoms. Woese argued that they represented fundamentally different branches of living things. He later renamed the groups Archaea and [[Bacteria]] to ...iovannoni and Stingl, 2005). These archaea, which belong to several deeply branching lineages unrelated to those previously known, can be present in extremel
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  • 3.The special strength of the Commonwealth lies in the combination of the diversity of it ...Commonwealth and our countries to work with renewed vigour, concentrating especially in the following areas:
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  • a seedling. Apples can also form [[bud sport]]s (mutations on a single branch). Some bud sports turn out to be improved strains of the parent cultivar. S ...the form of drum bouquets of crabapple flowers, or with grafted crabapple branches on evenly spaced trees. Crabapples provide abundant, and highly viable [[
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  • ...]]. Solicitors General may actually argue cases, or delegate that to staff specialists whom she or he supervise. ...l, i.e. Nixon's order to fire a Special Prosecutor (i.e., under the extant Special Prosecutor Act); the Deputy Attorney General,[[William Ruckelshaus]], stepp
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  • ...]] issued to each player. Each soldier can be trained into four different specializations, which affect the user's statistics in each of the four skills as w In addition to training untrained soldiers to specialize in a skill, players can improve these skills by buying weapons and tools
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