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  • to as a medrese. On 20 April 1912 this medrese was converted into the Istanbul Dar-ül Fünun (House of Knowledge) to become the first institution of high ...1933. It abolished the İstanbul Dar-ül Fünun and founded the İstanbul University.
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  • to as a medrese. On 20 April 1912 this medrese was converted into the Istanbul Dar-ül Fünun (House of Knowledge) to become the first institution of high ...1933. It abolished the İstanbul Dar-ül Fünun and founded the İstanbul University.
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  • ...strictive immigration laws and wide spread anti-Semitic hiring bias at its universities were invited to Turkey to develop its system of higher education. Alo ...s of canceling all existing faculty contracts. The very next day Istanbul University was opened using Dar'ül fünun’s physical plant with a small fraction
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  • of modernization and westernization throughout Turkish society, its one university clearly needed modernization in both scope and depth of coverage. Othe ...administration. Annually, over 1.7 million students sit for the national university admission examination and the best of these get the widest choices for a
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  • * [[Atat%C3%BCrk%E2%80%99s university reforms]] * [[Istanbul University]]
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  • ...tanbul where he remained until 1950 when he became guest professor at the University of Freiburg. Schwarz died in Freiburg in 1953. By advising parliamentar ...lasting influence on his Turkish colleagues. He was of the opinion that a university professor should have a social preference stand based on quasi-natural l
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  • ...n]], and [[Albert Einstein]]. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University at Erlangen in 1915 and his dissertation on the theory of probability wa published in 1938. In 1938 he took a professorship in philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he introduced European notions of logi
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  • ...Reports of the Conference of International Committee of Comparative Law in Istanbul, September 1955; “Das schweizerische Zivilgesetzbuch in der Türkei,” i ...However, he remained in Germany and was twice appointed Chancellor of that university.
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  • ...chemistry]] and [[immunology]]. Haurowitz lost the right to teach at the [[University of Prague]] soon after the [[Nazi]s took over [[Czechoslovakia]] in 1939 ...nce in 1923. In 1925, he was appointed Assistant Professor at the [[German University in Prague]]. While working with several important biochemists over the
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  • March 1952, which he rejected at first and accepted when he became the University Chancellor in July 1954, a post to which he was elected twice. He retire ...sı (Revue de la Faculté des Sciences Économiques de l’Université d’Istanbul) which published articles by his colleagues in Turkey as well as abroad in
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  • ...was disseminated throughout the European continent and, later, in American universities by the members of the Vienna Circle. [[A.J. Ayer]] is considered respo ...hilosophers interested in the [[theory of relativity]]. He taught at the [[University of Vienna]], where he held the chair of theory of inductive science. In
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  • ...l is Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies and Community Planning at Rutgers University, Camden. ...rth Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1963. He earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in 1970. His dissertation title is “Becoming P
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  • ...continued his education at the Istanbul Harp School a military school in Istanbul. Upon graduation he was commissioned as a lieutenant, and was promoted to s ...March Rebellion” Mustafa Kemal was reassigned to the General Staff in Istanbul on 19th April 1909. Emperor Abdulhamit was dethroned and Sultan Resit repla
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  • .... However, matters did not end with the position taken by İnönü. The ''Universite Reformu'' conducted at this time makes us think that someone at higher r ...ceration in a concentration camp and allowed to proceed with his family to Istanbul.
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  • ...ow preserved in the archives of the Ankara State Conservatory at Hacettepe University.” [7] ...emens Holzmeister design the Atatürk Arts Complex in the Taksim Square of Istanbul where to this day the music is always good, and the ticket price always low
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  • ...literature on the market square. More than 50 professors had to leave Bonn University. Jewish Professors or dissenters were dismissed on April 7, 1933, on the ...icant role in the Kantorowicz release from Lichtenburg and safe passage to Istanbul. The answer may well be fund in the newly opened Holocaust archives at Bad
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  • ...originally was built by Architect Fossati in 1854 became the first Ottoman University via an ordinance published in 1919. * Chase, K. ''Firearms: A Global History.'' (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,2003), pp. 86-89; 95-97.
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  • ...ed that Jews in the upper-age brackets were significantly low on America's university campuses e.g., 3.8% Jews vs. 79.0% Protestant and 13.7% Catholic. These ..., 2007.</ref> Archival literature does recognize that she had to leave her university post in her beloved Germany due to Nazi racism.
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  • ...ician’ in Göttingen between 1915 and 1925, before his assignment at the University of Frankfurt in 1925 where he worked until 1933. ...he States or the UK with a job waiting. He was keenly aware of the lack of university job opportunities due to America’s emergence from an economic depressi
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  • ...ere are left an estimated 2,000 Karaites in the USA, about 100 families in Istanbul, and about 12,000 in Israel, most of them living in [[Ramleh]], [[Ashdod]] The Karaites believe in an eternal, one, and incorporeal God, Creator of Universe, who gave the Tanakh to humankind, through Moses and the Prophets. Karaite
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  • ...ysiology Institute at the University of Freiburg. In 1920, he moved to the University Hospital for Children to work under the pediatrician Carl T. Noeggerath ...''Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Mecmuası'', [Journal of the Ankara University Medical Faculty] 1949;3 (1-2):1-19. (Çeviri: D. Güzin Çelikmen)
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  • ...most optimistic of the reliable estimates, 10,000 people were rescued via Istanbul." She recognizes however that: "There are those who claim that 20,000 were not go unnoticed by either the Jewish or the Nazi German communities in Istanbul. Even less-documented is the fact that these activities made a few members
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  • reduce his influence in Iran. In response, Bahá'u'lláh was ordered to Istanbul, the imperial capital. On the verge of his departure, in a large garden nam In Istanbul Bahá'u'lláh made contacts with many ambassadors, which enabled him to con
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  • ...[Martin Luther]], whose adherents established a [[University of Strasbourg|university]] (the Gymnasium, headed by [[Johannes Sturm]]) in the following century ...nded over from the [[Lutheran]]s to the [[Catholic]]s. The German Lutheran university persisted until the [[French revolution]]. Famous students were [[Johann
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  • ...the Eighth Amendment to the [[United States Constitution]], is by no means universal. While there was much outcry when Singapore ordered caning as part of a j | publisher = Princeton University Press | year = 2007
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  • ...chaffenburg]], [[Germany]], '''Friedrich Dessauer''' studied at the Goethe university in [[Frankfurt am Main]] where his design of high-energy [[X-ray]] power ...arrest, he applied to the Notgemeinschaft in Switzerland for a position in Istanbul.
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  • ...Nightingale 3.jpg|frame|right|220px|A depiction of Nightingale at Scutari, Istanbul, 1854.]] ...y in November 1854 in [[Üsküdar|Scutari]] (modern-day [[Üsküdar]] in [[Istanbul]]). She and her nurses found wounded soldiers being badly cared for by over
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  • ...e against me, I would, alone and undaunted, withstand their onslaught. The universe seemed but a handful of dust in my grasp. I seemed to be the Voice of Gabr ...nd Renewal: The Making of the Babi Movement in Iran | publisher = Cornell University Press | location = Ithaca | year = 1989 | pages = p. 390-393}}</ref>
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  • ...h anniversary of the founding of Radio Television Skopje, performed in the Universal Hall in Skopje on December 19, 1969 .At this concert, Tale Ognenovski per '''International Folklore Committee in Istanbul, Turkey, 1977'''
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  • ...Itemid=46] was the Spalding Lecturer of Eastern Orthodox Studies at Oxford University from 1966 to 2001 and is currently the Metropolitan of the Eastern / Gre ...''The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church'', 2nd Ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1989), s.v. "Filioque", p 512</ref> The Creed, referred to as the
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  • ...up[] agrees to deal with the Libyan National Tran ...p://]
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  • ...nner) from "The Islamic World: Essays in Honor of Bernard Lewis" Princeton University Press 1989 *Avraham Firkowicz in Istanbul (1830-1832). Paving the Way for Turkic Nationalism. (Shapira, Dan) .Ankara:
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  • ...y 1731) he sailed with the [[Levant Company]] to [[Constantinople]] (now [[Istanbul]]) where he stayed five months. After returning to Paris, La Condamine subm ...easuring the new world: enlightenment science and South America'', Chicago University Press (2008) [
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  • The popularity of printed works was not universal. The [[Roman Curia|papal court]] contemplated making printing presses an ...he [[reconquista]] in the 1490s, the press was moved from [[Granada]] to [[Istanbul]] (a frequent destination for thousands of Andalusian Jews).
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  • ...t of the wide range of postwar political unrest. In other words, it is not universally agreed that a genocide occurred. ...ed the privileged position given to Islam. Some 150,000 Armenians lived in Istanbul throughout the period; in the Armenian homeland areas of eastern Turkey, al
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