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  • ...omagnetic property of [[classical vacuum]], relating mechanical and electromagnetic units of measurement. In the [[International System of Units]] (SI), its ...ite web |url= |title=Magnetic constant |accessdate=2007-08-08 |work=2006 [[CODATA]] recommended values |publisher=
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  • A [[physical constant]] in the [[International System of Units]] (SI) relating mechanical force a
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  • {{r|Magnetism}} {{r|Free space (electromagnetism)}}
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  • {{r|Magnetism}} {{r|Magnetic constant}}
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  • {{r|Electromagnetism}} {{r|Magnetic constant}}
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  • ...omagnetic property of [[classical vacuum]], relating mechanical and electromagnetic units of measurement. In the [[International System of Units]] (SI), its ...ite web |url= |title=Magnetic constant |accessdate=2007-08-08 |work=2006 [[CODATA]] recommended values |publisher=
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  • {{r|Magnetization}} {{r|Magnetic constant}}
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  • {{r|Gyromagnetic ratio}} {{r|Magnetic constant}}
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  • #REDIRECT [[Magnetic constant]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Magnetic constant]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Magnetic constant]]
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  • *[[Magnetic field]] *[[Magnetization]]
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  • {{r|Electromagnetic wave}} {{r|Electromagnetism}}
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  • Auto-populated based on [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Magnetic flux]]. Needs checking by a human. {{r|Electromagnetic induction}}
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  • {{r|Electromagnetic wave}} {{r|Electromagnetism}}
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  • *[[Magnetization]] *[[Magnetic induction]]
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  • ...relative permeability describes the ease by which a magnetic medium may be magnetized. A related quantity is the '''magnetic susceptibility''', denoted by ''&chi;<sub>m</sub>'', related to the relat
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  • {{r|Electric constant}} {{r|Magnetic constant}}
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  • ...r magnets Coulomb.png|right|250px|Coulomb force between North poles of bar magnets, '''F''' = &minus;<b>F'</b>. N is North pole; S is South pole.}} ...e, whereas electric charges do exist. However, with the aid of a long bar magnet the force between the poles can be measured reasonably accurately.
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  • ...may be changed if required. For example, in the case of NMR logging, the magnet is inside, the probe surrounds it and a hollow cylindrical region surroundi ==Magnet==
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  • ...etimes just the ''H''-field. In fact, some authors refer to '''B''' as the magnetic field and to '''H''' as an auxiliary field. ...permanent [[magnetism|magnet]]s (see [[Coulomb's law (magnetic)|Coulomb's magnetic law]]); more microscopically, the fundamental [[spin]]s of [[elementary p
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  • ...avart]] describes the [[magnetic induction]] '''B''' (proportional to the magnetic field '''H''') caused by a direct electric current in a wire. Biot and Sa ...Savart announced that the magnetic force exerted by a long conductor on a magnetic pole falls off with the reciprocal of the distance and is orientated perp
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  • {{r|Electric constant}} {{r|Magnetic constant}}
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  • The term '''classical vacuum''' is used in classical [[electromagnetism]] where it refers to an ideal reference medium, devoid of all particles, {{cite book|title=Introduction to complex mediums for optics and electromagnetics |author=Werner S. Weiglhofer and Akhlesh Lakhtakia |year=2003 |url=http:
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  • The constant of proportionality between the [[magnetic moment]] and [[Angular momentum (quantum)|angular momentum]] of an object
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  • ...gnetic field induces an electric current. This is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. ...he EMF induced in a circuit is proportional to the rate of decrease of the magnetic flux that cuts across the circuit. By [[Ohm's law]] an EMF induces an ele
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  • commutation relations]], see the article [[quantization of the electromagnetic field]]. ...was the first to see that his equations predict the existence of [[electromagnetic wave]]s. Without knowledge and understanding of these waves we would not
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  • ...rough the conducting wire. Two magnetic field lines are shown in blue. The magnetic induction '''B''' is a vector field tangent to field lines. The direction ...s made of [[iron]] or another [[ferromagnetic]] material that enhances the magnetic field.
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  • The '''Rydberg constant''', often denoted as ''R<sub>&infin;</sub>'', originally defined empiricall ...|author=GW Series |chapter=Chapter 10: Hydrogen and the fundamental atomic constants}}
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  • ...tician and physicist [[Carl Friedrich Gauss]], who was the first to define magnetic units. ...ussian units than in SI units. In addition, the various formulas of electromagnetism are easier to remember in Gaussian units than in SI units. Because they
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  • ...uthor= C. Christodoulides |title=Comparison of the Ampère and Biot-Savart magnetostatic force laws in their line-current-element forms |journal= American Jo ==Electromagnetic units==
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  • ...mic vacuum''', or ''QED vacuum'', refers to the ground state of the electromagnetic field, which is subject to fluctuations about a dormant zero average-fiel ...ΔE'' and ''Δt'' [[energy]] and [[time]] variations, and ℏ the [[Planck constant]] divided by 2π) arguing along the lines that the short lifetime of virtua
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  • {{cite web |title=Neutron mass |work=Fundamental physical constants |url=|search_for=neutron+mass {{cite web |title=Neutron g factor |work=Fundamental physical constants |url=|search_for=Neutron+g-
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  • ...'',''t''). A stream of electromagnetic waves is referred to as '''[[electromagnetic radiation]]'''. ...the term ''electromagnetic'' (EM) is used, a contamination of electric and magnetic. Examples of EM waves in increasing [[wavelength]] are: [[gamma radiation
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  • Auto-populated based on [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Electric constant]]. Needs checking by a human. {{r|Electromagnetic wave}}
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  • '''Nuclear magnetic resonance''' is a consequence of a property possessed by the nucleus know ...ts direction is also restricted to certain directions in the presence of a magnetic field.
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  • {{r|Magnetization}} {{r|Magnetic moment}}
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  • ...hysics]], a '''magnetic field''' (commonly denoted by '''H''') describes a magnetic field (a vector) at every point in space; it is a [[vector field]]. In ...ental magnetic field, see the article about '''B''' for more details about magnetism.
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  • ''magnetic flux density'' (magnetic flux per unit of surface) for the magnetic induction '''B'''. If '''B''' is constant over ''S'', &Phi; is simply equal to '''B''' times the area of ''S''. If '
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  • ...ic ratio''), ''&gamma;'', is the constant of proportionality between the [[magnetic moment]] ('''''&mu;''''') and the [[angular momentum]]('''''J''''') of an ...h is given (in radians/s) by the product of the field strength and the gyromagnetic ratio.<ref name = Larmor>
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  • {{r|Free space (electromagnetism)}} {{r|Electric constant}}
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  • ...ion). The gauss belongs to the [[Gaussian units|Gaussian]] and emu (electromagnetic) systems of units, which are cgs (centimeter-gram-second) systems. The u here Mx (maxwell) is the Gaussian unit for magnetic flux.
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  • ...ct solutions of the [[Maxwell equations]] for the [[electric field]] and [[magnetic flux density]] generated at an arbitrary location by an ideal point charg ...on its trajectory. The symbol ''&epsilon;<sub>0</sub>'' is the [[electric constant]] of the [[SI units]]. Notice that at time <math>\tilde t</math>, unit vect
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  • ...eau of Weights and Measures]].</ref> This sets the value of the [[magnetic constant]] μ<sub>0</sub> to 4π x 10<sup>&minus;7</sup> [[newton|N]]/A<sup>2</sup>. ...named for [[André-Marie Ampère]], an early investigator of electricity, magnetism, and chemistry.
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  • ...ular in [[electrodynamics]], '''Ampère's law''' relates the strength of a magnetic field to the electric current that causes it. The law was first formulate ...nd ''c'' is the speed of light. The vector field '''B''' is known as the [[magnetic induction]]. The direction of integration along ''C'' matches ''i'' in th
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  • ...nuclei in the presence of a magnetic field by using radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.<ref> I. I. Rabi.(1937) Phys. Rev., 51 652</ref><ref>N. Bloemb Pulses of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation can be used to perturb the nuclear spin systems in a variety of
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  • ...ivity''), designated ε<sub>0</sub>, is a [[physical constant]], an electromagnetic property of [[classical vacuum]], appearing in equations relating [[elect ...ealizable as some real "vacuum") and sometimes called [[Free space (electromagnetism)|free space]].
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  • ...gnetometer''' is a scientific instrument used to measure the strength of [[magnetic field]]s. Earth's magnetism varies from place to place and differences in the Earth's [[magnetic field]] can be caused by a couple of things:
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  • ...f the electromagnetic field''' is used in the [[quantization of the electromagnetic field| quantization]] that leads to [[photon]]s (light particles of well ...absence of charges and electric currents (that is, in [[Free space (electromagnetism)|"free" space]]), both '''E''' and '''B''' can be derived from a third
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  • ...moment]] per unit volume, ''V'' of a material, defined in terms of the '''magnetic moments''' of its constituents by: ...] tending to align its moment with the field. Here, ''N'' is the number of magnetic moments in the volume ''V''. The M-field is measured in [[Ampere (unit)|a
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  • {{r|Coulomb's law (magnetic)}} {{r|Electric constant}}
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  • ...or MRS) is a [[spectroscopy|spectroscopic]] method that uses the [[nuclear magnetic resonance]] principle to manipulate the spin states of atomic nuclei to i ...[magnetogyric ratio]] of the [[isotope]] studied, and observing the electromagnetic signals emitted as the high energy states relax back to an equilibrium st
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  • ...[[artificial satellites]]) allowing the observation of the whole [[electromagnetic spectrum]], modern astronomy has also discovered many exotic objects such ...ainly accomplished by detecting and analysing the various form of [[electromagnetic radiation]] (EM radiation) that reaches the observer, although methods of
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  • ...on also serves to continuously mix the liquid reactant mixture, although a magnetic stirring rod mechanism is often used to achieve a uniform solution.
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  • {{cite web |title=Proton mass |work=The NIST reference on constants, units and uncertainty |url=|s {{cite web |title=Elementary charge |work=The NIST reference on constants, units and uncertainty |url=|se
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  • ...cgi-bin/cuu/Value?e|search_for=electron+charge |work=The NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty |publisher=[[National Institute of Standards and T .../cgi-bin/cuu/Value?me|search_for=electron+mass |work=The NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty |accessdate=2011-09-04}}
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  • {{r|Electromagnetism}} {{r|Electric constant}}
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  • Auto-populated based on [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Electromagnetic wave]]. Needs checking by a human. {{r|Electric constant}}
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  • ...e two time-dependent fields together form an [[electromagnetic wave|electromagnetic field]]. ...r more electric charges other than ''q'', but it may also be caused by a magnetic field that varies in time, or by a combination of the two. The expression
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  • {{r|Electric constant}} {{r|Electromagnetic wave}}
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  • ...chemistry interacts with tissue and how it processes ideas. By applying [[magnetic resonance imaging]] with [[statistics|statistical analysis]], it's possib ...each of neuroimaging techniques. Computational morphometry on the basis of Magnetic Resonance (MR) images has become the method of choice for studying macros
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  • {{r|Effects of inhomogeneous magnetic fields||**}} {{r|Nuclear Magnetic Resonance pulse sequences||*}}
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  • ...W, described below, uses modern technology, but the basic phases have been constant since the introduction of the submarine. basic, although a short-range method used primarily for localization, [[magnetic anomaly detection]] (MAD) can be useful.
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  • ...ction '''B''' integrated over a surface ''S'', see [[Faraday's law (electromagnetism)|this article]]) gives an induced current that opposes the change in fl ...simple product. [[Faraday's law (electromagnetism)| Faraday's law]] of magnetic induction states that the electromotoric force (EMF) <math>\scriptstyle
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  • '''Nuclear Magnetic Resonance experiments''' can have multiple variations added, such as form ...generally used for solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging spectroscopy (MRI) and solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
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  • ...determines the [[torque]], denoted here by '''τ''', it experiences in a [[magnetic flux density]] '''B''', namely '''τ'''&nbsp;=&nbsp;'''m&nbsp;×&nbsp;B'' A magnetic moment may have a macroscopic origin in a bar magnet or a current loop, for example, or microscopic origin in the spin of an ele
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  • where &epsilon;<sub>0</sub> is the [[electric constant]] (permittivity of the vacuum) and ''N'' is the number density (number of a where we used that for most dielectric matter the relative [[magnetic permeability]] &mu;<sub>r</sub> is very close to unity. Substitution of
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  • ...r any closed surface. Expressed in the form of an equation Gauss' law for magnetism reads: ...integral is over a closed surface that may envelop one or more permanent magnets and electric current carrying wires. The law is called after the German m
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  • In the case at hand (constant ''R'') where <math>\hbar</math> is [[Planck's constant]] divided by <math>2\pi</math> and <math>\nabla^2</math> is the [[Laplacian
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  • ...e''' is the force on an electrically charged particle that moves through a magnetic plus an electric field. The Lorentz force has two vector components, one proportional to the magnetic field and one proportional to the electric field. These components must
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  • ...Results?search_for=atomic+unit |publisher=NIST |work=The NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty |accessdate=2011-09-04}} ...v/cgi-bin/cuu/Value?ttme|search_for=atomic+unit|work=The NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty |accessdate=2011-09-08}}
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  • Auto-populated based on [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Planck's constant]]. Needs checking by a human. {{r|Electromagnetic radiation}}
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  • ...iano that was somewhat simple to [[transport]], although it still required constant tuning.
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  • ...n of the waves. Following Young and Fresnel, Maxwell assumed that electromagnetic waves are vibrations of the ether. ...bodies immersed in it. Descartes assumed that the ether particles are in constant motion, but, as there is no empty space for them to move to, he inferred th
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  • useful to group these processes into pairs, in which each variable held constant is one member of a [[conjugate variables (thermodynamics)|conjugate]] pair. #An isobaric process occurs at constant pressure.
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  • ...the integral is zero. The constant &epsilon;<sub>0</sub> is the [[electric constant]]. ...magnetischen Vereins im Jahre 1839'' [Results from the observations of the magnetic Society in the year 1839], pp. 1-51. [
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  • ...own work, were on the closely connected phenomena of [[electricity]] and [[magnetism]], but he also made very significant contributions in chemistry. ...evolved from his work is even more widespread. His discoveries in [[electromagnetism]] laid the groundwork for the engineering work in the late 1800s by peop
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  • ...own work, were on the closely connected phenomena of [[electricity]] and [[magnetism]], but he also made very significant contributions in chemistry. ...evolved from his work is even more widespread. His discoveries in [[electromagnetism]] laid the groundwork for the engineering work in the late 1800s by peop
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  • ...h energy is conserved, that is, the sum of kinetic and potential energy is constant in time. Indeed, ''T'' is the increase of entropy of a system into which ''Q'' flows (at constant temperature ''T'').
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  • ...l= |work=The NIST reference on constants units and uncertainty |publisher=National Institute of Standards and Techn |The ampere is that constant current which, if maintained in two straight parallel conductors of infinit
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  • ...[[index of refraction]], and [[magnetism |magnetic properties]], such as [[magnetic susceptibility]], may be obtained from calculation. ...ics) |spin]]. Usually these missing terms are collectively referred to as magnetic and relativistic effects.
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  • ...res including emitted or reflected sounds, pressure waves, vibrations, and magnetic field or ionosphere disturbances.<ref name=FM2-0>{{citation ...reality of these sensors is that they must be fairly close to the target. Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) is used, in [[anti-submarine warfare]], for final
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  • ...system is at constant non-zero height above the surface the Earth, it has constant [[potential energy]] in the [[gravitation| gravitational field]] of the Ea ...ed by an alignment of the microscopic magnetic moments that constitute a magnetizable material.
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  • where ℏ is [[Planck's constant]] divided by 2&pi;, the symbol '''&times;''' stands for a [[cross product] ...alue proportional to an integer usually denoted by ''m'' (the so-called [[magnetic quantum number]]).
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  • ...en by directing small magnetic particles within a body along an external [[magnetic field]]. {{Image|Work with constant force.png|right|350px|Constant force '''F''' along path '''s''' <nowiki>=</nowiki> '''r'''<sub>1</sub> &mi
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  • The real proportionality constant ''v''<sup>2</sup> had dimension (length)<sup>2</sup> over (time)<sup>2</sup density &rho; of the string (mass per unit length) remained finite and constant over the string. In this manner d'Alembert derived the equation
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  •]] physicist best known for his formulation of [[electromagnetism|electromagnetic theory]] and the [[kinetic gas theory|statistical theory of gases]]. He ...xwell equations]], the [[Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution]], and the unit of magnetic flux, the [[Maxwell (unit)|maxwell]], were named after him, as was a [[cr
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  • ...tish physicist best known for his formulation of [[electromagnetism|electromagnetic theory]] and the [[kinetic gas theory|statistical theory of gases]]. He ...xwell equations]], the [[Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution]], and the unit of magnetic flux, the [[Maxwell (unit)|maxwell]], were named after him, as was a [[cr
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  • ..., and some of its volcanoes may still be active today. In contrast to the constant crustal movement seen on Earth, Venus is thought to undergo periodic episod ...d providing a likely explanation for its lack of an internally generated [[magnetic field]].<ref>Nimmo, F. (2002), ''Crustal analysis of Venus from Magellan
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  • ...c constant]], and <math>\hbar</math> is [[Planck constant|Planck's reduced constant]]. ==Azimuthal and magnetic quantum numbers==
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  • ...ric charges and currents are the sources of the [[Maxwell equations|electromagnetic field]] that determines the forces acting upon charges. In [[quantum elec ...of the [[electron]]. In the [[Standard Model]] of strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions, a relativistic [[quantum field theory]] that describes inte
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  • ...elding, and submerged arc welding. In these processes, arc length is kept constant, since any fluctuation in the distance between the wire and the base materi ...such as [[friction stir welding|friction stir]], [[magnetic pulse welding|magnetic pulse]], [[conductive heat seam welding|conductive heat seam]], and [[las
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  • ...[[relative permittivity]] &epsilon;<sub>r</sub>, also known as dielectric constant) depending on the material that fills the space between the charges. All no ...nd the static [[relative permittivity]] (also known as relative dielectric constant) of the medium, respectively. The relative permittivity of air (&epsilon;<s
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  • ...ization of the electromagnetic field''', the EM (electromagnetic) [[electromagnetic wave|field]] consists of discrete energy parcels, [[photon]]s. Photons ar ...field consists of parcels of energy ''h''&nu;, where ''h'' is [[Planck's constant]]. In 1927 [[Paul A. M. Dirac]] was able to weave the photon concept into t
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  • ...s in a stable orbit around a nucleus -- seemingly defying classical electromagnetism. ...could not be explained by Newton's laws of motion and by classical electromagnetism.
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  • ...hly dependent on its condition, typically including temperature. Water is constantly evaporating from bodies of water and entering the [[atmosphere]] to form ...e as 'polar', something roughly akin to the magnetic polar nature of a bar magnet. They also refer to the two covalent bonds in the molecule as [http://acade
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  • ...a [[quantum mechanics|quantum mechanical]] theory for the explanation of magnetic properties and colors of [[transition element|transition metal complexes Because the crystal field is non-magnetic, the total electron spin ''S'' of the central ion is conserved. However,
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  • ...rting cells, it is covered by protective layers and it is moistened by the constant circulation of a pristine fluid called "[[cerebrospinal fluid]]" (CSF). * [[Magnetic resonance imaging]] (MRI)
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  • *magnetic field properties ...charged particles, so they don’t interact with matter through the electromagnetic force. They do not even interact through the strong force that holds toge
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  • ...nd Paul Berth, in [[1931]]. Rickenbacker was the inventor of the horseshoe-magnet pickup. However, it was [[Danelectro]] that first produced electric guitars ...e [[#Truss Rod|Truss rod]]) is important to the guitar's ability to hold a constant pitch during tuning or when strings are fretted. The rigidity of the neck w
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  • \mathbf{B} &&& \hbox{magnetic field} \\ ''The relation between the lines of magnetic force and the induction coefficients of a circuit, as already deduced fro
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  • ...d about the strangeness of my existence. My thoughts swirl round and round constantly probing the strangeness of selfhood - why do I exist? Why am I me and not .... Depersonalization can begin episodically, and later become continuous at constant or varying intensity.
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  • ...urther, they are important in the representation of the gravitational and magnetic fields of planetary bodies, the characterization of the cosmic microwave ...ular momentum operators|raising and lowering operators]]. The geodesy and magnetics communities never include the Condon-Shortley phase factor in their defi
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