Smoke Signals (film)

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This article is about Smoke Signals (film). For other uses of the term Smoke signals, please see Smoke signals (disambiguation).

Smoke Signals is a 1998 award-winning, Canadian-American independent film about a troubled father-son relationship on Idaho's Coeur D'Alene reservation, where it was filmed. At the time, it was widely billed as the first film fully created by Native Americans, from its director (Chris Eyre) and screenwriter (Sherman Alexie), to its cast members and its soundtrack, and in fact it is chock full of sly humor and jokes about reservation life vs. mainstream American culture. Nevertheless, the film contains a story line and theme that is universally applicable, including poverty, alcoholism, family conflict, and coming of age issues. The two main protagonists were played by Evan Adams amd Adam Beach.

Actor Evan Adams (who played Thomas) in 2009.
Actor Adam Beach (who played Victor) in 2007.