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{{r|Turkey (bird)}}
{{r|Turkey (bird)}}
{{r|Stuffed turkey}}
{{r|Stuffed turkey}}
==Other related topics==
==Other related topics==

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Roast turkey.
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  • Stuffing (cooking) [r]: In cooking, a preparation, usually based on grains, spices, and other ingredients such as chopped nuts or fruit, that is put inside a piece of meat or poultry to be roasted or braised; it absorbs and is flavored by the meat juices and may flavor the meat; variants can be prepared on the stovetop [e]
  • Thanksgiving (U.S.) [r]: A major national holiday in the United States, held on the fourth Thursday in November, commemorating the first successful harvest by English colonists, coupled with a peaceful feast with Native Americans [e]
  • Turkey (bird) [r]: The name for either of two large North American birds in the genus Meleagris. [e]
  • Stuffed turkey [r]: Add brief definition or description

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