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A list of key readings about Rideau Canal.
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  • Bebee, Edward; Friends of the Rideau. (2007). Fish Tales: The Lure and the Lore of the Rideau. [Gloucester Ont.]: E. Bebee. ISBN 9780973571912. 
  • Bush, Edward (1981). Commercial Navigation on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961. Ottawa  ;Hull Que.: National Historic Parks and Sites Branch Parks Canada Environment Canada ;;available by mail from the Canadian Govt. Pub. Centre Supply and Services Canada. ISBN 9780660110189. 
  • McKenna, Katherine (2008). Labourers on the Rideau Canal, 1826-1832: From Work Site to World Heritage Site. Ottawa: Borealis Press. ISBN 9780888873552. 
  • Passfield, Robert; Parks Canada. (2003). Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History. Markham Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside in association with Parks Canada. ISBN 9781550417388. 
  • Peck, Mary; Public Archives Canada. (1982). From War to Winterlude: 150 Years on the Rideau Canal. [Ottawa]: Public Archives Canada = Archives publiques Canada. ISBN 9780660510156. 
  • Watson, Ken (2006). Engineered Landscapes: The Rideau Canal's Transformation of a Wilderness Waterway. Elgin Ont.: K.W. Watson. ISBN 9780978075101.