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{{r|Atom (science)}}
{{r|Intramolecular forces}}
{{r|Intramolecular forces}}
{{r|Nucleic acid}}
{{r|Nucleic acid}}
==Other related topics==
==Other related topics==
{{r|Intermolecular forces}}
{{r|Intermolecular forces}}

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Macromolecules.
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Parent topics

  • Chemistry [r]: The science of matter, or of the electrical or electrostatical interactions of matter. [e]
  • Biochemistry [r]: The chemistry of living things; a field of both biology and chemistry. [e]
  • Molecule [r]: An aggregate of two or more atoms in a definite arrangement held together by chemical bonds. [e]
  • Polymer [r]: A compound of high molecular weight derived either by the addition of many smaller, similar molecules (monomers), or by the condensation of many smaller, similar molecules eliminating water, alcohol, etc. [e]
  • Macromolecular chemistry [r]: The study of the physical, biological and chemical structure, properties, composition, and reaction mechanisms of macromolecules. [e]


Other related topics

  • Intermolecular forces [r]: Non-covalent forces between atoms and molecules; often synonymous with Van der Waals forces. [e]