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This addendum is a continuation of the article Language Evolution (book synopsis).

Chapter titles and author names

  • Language Evolution: The Hardest Problem in Science? —Morten H. Christiansen and Simon Kirby
  • Language as an Adaptation to the Cognitive Niche —Steven Pinker
  • The Language Mosaic and its Evolution —James R. Hurford
  • What Can the Field of Linguistics Tell Us About the Origins of Language? —Frederick J. Newmeyer
  • Symbol and Structure: A Comprehensive Framework for Language Evolution —Derek Bickerton
  • On the Different Origins of Symbols and Grammar —Michael Tomasello
  • Universal Grammar and Semiotic Constraints —Terrence W. Deacon
  • The Archaeological Evidence of Language Origins: States of Art —Iain Davidson
  • What Are the Uniquely Human Components of the Language Faculty? —Marc D. Hauserand W. Tecumseh Fitch
  • The Evolving Mirror System: A Neural Basis for Language Readiness —Michael A. Arbib
  • From Hand to Mouth: The Gestural Origins of Language —Michael C. Corballis
  • The Origin and Subsequent Evolution of Language —Robin I. M. Dunbar
  • Launching Language: The Gestural Origin of Discrete Infinity —Michael Studdert-Kennedy and Louis Goldstein
  • Motor Control, Speech, and the Evolution of Human Language —Philip Lieberman
  • From Language Learning to Language Evolution —Simon Kirby and Morten H. Christiansen
  • Grammatical Assimilation —Ted Briscoe
  • Language, Learning and Evolution —Natalia L. Komarova and Martin A. Nowak