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An independent secular group, the Jewish Labor Committee (JLC) represents Jewish community views to the organized labor movement and identifies itself as the voice of the labor movement in the Jewish community. It is affiliated with Jewish labor and political groups worldwide.


On 27 October 2009, newly elected AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka addressed the JLC in New York City, emphasizing opposition to proposed boycotts of Israel, and supporting the Middle East policy of the Obama Administration.
“we’re proud to stand with the JLC to oppose boycotting Israel...the Jewish community here – and around the world – has never had a stronger ally than the long as I’m president, you will never have a stronger ally than the AFL-CIO! America, we sometimes think that antisemitism is part of the past, but the truth is that it’s like a weed that can always grow back. And that’s especially true during hard times. You know, sometimes it’s couched as `anti-Zionism.’ Other times there’s no effort to disguise it at all...there is only one way we’re going to stop the violence in the Middle East – and it’s not by bashing Israel – it’s by supporting President Obama’s peace initiative. And I ought to add, that’s why we need to stand by President Obama on Iran, too![1]

JLC supports an AFL-CIO priority, the Employee Free Choice Act, also called "card check-off".[2]

Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine (TULIP)

JLC reported the October 2009 formation, in London, of a group formed by Australian, UK, and US unions to "support Israeli and Palestinian trade unions undertaking projects of mutual interest that foster peace and hope in the region."[3]