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Islamophobia Watch is a British website, started in January 2005, which describes its mission as "a non-profitmaking project to document material in the public domain which advocates a fear and hatred of the Muslim peoples of the world and Islam as a religion. Islamophobia Watch has been founded with a determination not to allow the racist ideology of Western Imperialism to gain common currency in its demonisation of Islam. Islamophobia, as a racist tool of Western Imperialism, is strongly advocated by the political right but has also found an echo in the left, particularly sections of the left in France and the countries that make up the United Kingdom."[1] One response to it is a blog, "Islamophobia Watch Watch", which warns "Just as those on the extreme right-wing overtly exaggerate the threat of Islamic extremism, terorism and fundamentalism those on the Left greatly exaggerate the threat of “Islamophobia” and the threat of fascists and the BNP...This blog aims to monitor the fear mongering “Islamophobia Nazi racists are everywhere” scaremongering of groups such as Islamophobia Watch, Unite Against Fascism and the Socialist Workers Party."[2]

The site has a bias, but its posts are well-linked and can be used to evaluate articles biased in the opposite direction. It follows the Middle East Media Research Institute closely, and provides interesting cross-indexing.


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