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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Indiana.
See also changes related to Indiana, or pages that link to Indiana or to this page or whose text contains "Indiana".

Parent topics


Principal cities

  • The principal (deliberately vague) cities and towns

Politics and government

  • E.g., the current Governor and U.S. Senators

Social, cultural, and educational

  • To include 4 yr colleges and universities, also museums, zoos, etc

Industry and agriculture

  • Principal crops and farming-related articles, industrial products, etc

Geographical and geological features

Noteworthy places

  • Examples: Hoover Dam


  • Either native born or important in some way to the state


  • Institutions and installations such as military (West Point), research facilities (Los Alamos), National Paks, Wilderness areas

State history

Other related topics

Associated U.S. states and Canadian provinces

Native American

  • Tribes, reservations, etc

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