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A list of key readings about George Herbert.
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  • Elizabeth Clarke, Theory and theology in George Herbert's Poetry, Clarendon Press 1997
  • T S Eliot, George Herbert, Longmans (for the British Council) 1962
  • Christopher Hodgkins, Authority, Church and Society in George Herbert, University of Missouri Press c. 1993
  • Cristina Malcolmson, George Gerbert, a literary life, Macmillan 2004
  • ed. C A Patrides, George Herbert, the Critical Heritage, Roultedge & Kegan Paul 1983
  • Terry G Sherwood, Herbert's Prayerful Art, University of Toronto Press c. 1989
  • Helen Vendler, The Poetry of George Herbert, Harvard University Press 1975
  • Izaak Walton, The Life of Mr. George Herbert, Prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral, 1670