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Cardiovascular system: The heart and the blood vessels by which blood is pumped and circulated through the body. [e]

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Parent topics

  • Anatomy [r]: The branch of morphology given to the study of the structure of members of the biological kingdom Animalia (animals). [e]
  • Physiology [r]: The study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of tissues and how they interact. [e]


  • Heart [r]: A chambered muscular organ in organisms that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system. [e]
  • Blood vessel [r]: Any of the tubular vessels conveying the blood (arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins). [e]
  • Lymphatic system [r]: A system of organs and tissues that process and transport immune cells and lymph [e]

Other related topics