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That's a good list, Larry. I think we should add ontology / philosophy of being - of course, that's a branch of metaphysics, which is already covered, but I would argue that since a particular ontology underlies every philosophical position, a general article devoted to it would be helpful. I guess I am saying that it is - to me - the core of philosophy. Being qua being. But objectively speaking, and at the very least, it would provide a top-level article dedicated to a word that students come across after Phil 101, and could probably have a better grasp of.

And I do not judge from this list that a page dedicated to a branch of a trunk is a problem; many of these core articles, for instance, are clearly indicated as branches of epistemology, or some other field. John_Hymers

Question about history section

The author of the history core article list cites the French and American revolutions as core articles on humanity, albeit already written articles. Why, then, does the author not support the Mexican Revolution, perhaps the most significant revolution of the twentieth century in the Western hemisphere, as a core article? Benjamin Seghers 10:37, 12 March 2008 (CDT)