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(September, 2009: Orchid has been approved!)
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==<font size="3" color="660000">  September, 2009 </font>==
==<font size="3" color="660000">  September, 2009 </font>==
[[Grand Trunk Railway]] has been reapproved.
{{notice|Grand Trunk Railway|HAA|reapproval}}
==<font size="3" color="660000">  August, 2009 </font>==
==<font size="3" color="660000">  August, 2009 </font>==
[[Image:Humanities button.png|25px]] A new version of [[Adams-Onís Treaty]] has been [[Adams-Onís Treaty/Approval|approved]].
{{Notice|Adams-Onís Treaty|H|reapproval}}
{{Notice|Grand Trunk Railway|HAA}}
{{Notice|Grand Trunk Railway|HAA}}
==<font size="3" color="660000">  July, 2009 </font>==
==<font size="3" color="660000">  July, 2009 </font>==
A new draft of [[complex number]] has been approved.
{{Notice|Complex number|N|reapproval}}
{{Notice|Scientific method|NH}}
{{Notice|Scientific method|NH}}
[[Randomized controlled trial]] and [[Evidence-based medicine]] have been re-approved.
{{Notice|Randomized controlled trial|AA|reapproval}}
{{Notice|Evidence-based medicine|AA|reapproval}}
{{Notice|Folk saint|SH}}
{{Notice|Folk saint|SH}}

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Approval Announcements
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2007, 2008

Go to the Approval Process page for information on how to initate the approval process for an article.

The Grand Trunk Railway connected major population centers in the United States and Canada.
Ketoconazole is used to treat fungal infections like athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm.
Benjamin Franklin is known as "the First American."
Leptotes bicolor belongs to the group of species with long smooth leaves and bent elongated flowers that do not open well.
Used with permission from
1926 Baird "Falkirk" television camera/transmitter. from John Logie Baird
Before flue gas desulfurization was installed, the emissions from this conventional coal-fired power plant in New Mexico contained excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide. from Air pollution dispersion terminology

September, 2009

Orchid has been approved.
A new version of Grand Trunk Railway has been approved.

August, 2009

A new version of Adams-Onís Treaty has been approved.
Grand Trunk Railway has been approved.

July, 2009

A new version of Complex number has been approved.
Scientific method has been approved.
A new version of Randomized controlled trial has been approved.
A new version of Evidence-based medicine has been approved.
Folk saint has been approved.

June, 2009

Ketoconazole has been approved.

May, 2009

Drugs banned from the Olympics has been approved.
Free statistical software has been approved.
Randomized controlled trial has been approved.
Gasoline has been approved.

April, 2009

Specific heat ratio has been approved.
Relative volatility has been approved.
Vapor pressure has been approved.
Benjamin Franklin has been approved.
Brute force attack has been approved.

Mar, 2009

100 approved articles!

Hydrodesulfurization has been approved.
Leptotes (orchid) has been approved.
Democrat Party (phrase) has been approved.
Flash evaporation has been approved.

Feb, 2009

John Logie Baird has been approved.
James Clerk Maxwell has been approved.
Accidental release source terms has been approved.
NMR spectroscopy has been approved.

Jan, 2009

AN- has been approved.
Adams-Onís Treaty has been approved.
Evidence-based medicine has been approved.
Air pollution dispersion terminology has been approved.
Ideal gas law has been approved.
Homeopathy has been approved.
Air pollution dispersion modeling has been approved.
Vacuum distillation has been approved.
Boiling point has been approved.
Air pollutant concentrations has been approved.

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