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(New page: {{subpages}} ==Parent topics== {{r|United States nuclear weapons}} {{r|Fusion devices}} ==Subtopics== {{r|One-point safe criterion}} {{r|Permissive Action Link}} {{r|Red Beard (nuclea...)
(Parent topics)
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==Parent topics==
==Parent topics==
{{r|United States nuclear weapons}}
{{r|United States nuclear weapons}}
{{r|Fusion devices}}  
{{r|Fusion device}}

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about B28 (nuclear weapon).
See also changes related to B28 (nuclear weapon), or pages that link to B28 (nuclear weapon) or to this page or whose text contains "B28 (nuclear weapon)".

Parent topics

  • United States nuclear weapons [r]: All U.S. nuclear weapons, past or present, in deployment, production, or approved for production; not including experimental devices [e]
  • Fusion device [r]: An explosive device, whether used as a weapon or for other purposes, which depends for most of its explosive power on the release of energy by combining atomic nuclei [e]


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