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The AN/ALR-93 is a radar warning receiver (RWR) that provides automatic detection and display of RF signals in the C through J frequency bands. It complements a missile warning receiver, the AN/AAR-54, the sensors for which operate in the ultraviolet, not infrared spectrum.

Under the control of an AN/APR-39B(V)2, it will correlate radar threats with the infrared threats detected by the AAR-54, which will cue an AN/AAQ-24 NEMESIS Directional Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM), or chaff (electronic warfare) dispensers against radar.

These systems are installed on helicopters and slower fixed-wing aircraft, such as the AH-1 Cobra, C-130 Hercules, CH-47 Chinook, MH-53 PAVE LOW, and V-22 Osprey .