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Justin C. Klein Keane is a senior information specialist with the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences with over 10 years of experience in programming and application security. Mr. Klein Keane holds a Masters Degree in History from James Madison University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Computers and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Mr. Klein Keane is a certified ethical hacker (C|EH) and certified expert penetration tester (CEPT). Mr. Klein Keane is an officer in the Philadelphia chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a member of Internet 2/Educause Higher Education Information Security Council, and a member of Infragard. Mr. Klein Keane is a recognized authority in computer application security having authored numerous articles on computer security and being a regular presenter at local and national computer security conferences. Mr. Klein Keane maintains an active personal website at and is a regular contributor to the Full-Disclosure mailing list.

Mr. Klein Keane is a student at the University of Pennsylvania taking an Eduzendium course taught by Citizendium editors Pat_Palmer and Dave_Matuszek. We will author in the Computers Workgroup on unlocked articles relating to various emerging software technologies.