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  • ...history ''The Idea of History'']. Oxford University Press, pp. 9-10</ref> British historian [[E. H. Carr]] (1892&ndash;1982) has advised that history is not ...l critic [[Michel Foucault]], American anthropologist [[Clifford Geertz]], British labor historian [[E. P. Thompson]] and American intellectual historians [[
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  • ...the book would be interesting. Perhaps you or someone in the biochemistry subgroup would undertake the writing of such a stand-alone article. ...English", but I read much American literature, and see more American than British films. (And I read material in "the common language of science: bad or brok
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  • Chris, in your test layout of the Chemical Engineering subgroup, we now have: # A listing of any subcategories in the subgroup (and the articles (pages) in those categories) without the status or defini
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  • ..., A. "Why Do Patients Turn to Complementary Medicine? An Empirical Study." British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 1996. 35:37-48. ...nen, J., Knipschild, P., and ter Riet, G. "Clinical Trials of Homeopathy." British Medical Journal. 1991. 302(6782):316-23.
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  • :::Just go to [[:Category:Chemical Engineering Subgroup]] and click on members. Thanks for all your help. [[User:Milton Beychok|Mil :::::As a Brit, I maintain that that is very unusual, if not incorrect, in British English, and I think that CZ policy is for the creator's language to be use
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  • [[:Category:British Commonwealth numismatics|British Commonwealth numismatics]] (8) [[:Category:British African numismatics|British African numismatics]] (4)
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  • ...Ethics of the World Medical Association. Declaration of Helsinki |journal=British Medical Journal |volume=2 |issue=5402 |pages=177 |year=1964 |month=July |pm ...|author=Schulz KF, Grimes DA |title=Multiplicity in randomised trials II: subgroup and interim analyses |journal=Lancet |volume=365 |issue=9471 |pages=1657–
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  • ...vely compared to ''[[Ornithocephalus]]'' species. The leaves of this later subgroup, unlikely all the other ''Heterotaxis'' species, are not glossy; they seem Register; Consisting of Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants Cultivated in British Gardens; with their History and Mode of Treatment vol.12: t. 1028. London.<
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  • ...Indian English or Trinidadian English. We only need American English and British (or Commonwealth, if you'd rather) English. {{r|British Doctors Aspirin Trial||:::::}}
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  • *that an organized subgroup of chiropractors in the USA openly promote "drugless healing" as a business ...and putting the general population at risk of epidemics. Worryingly, this subgroup is the ''same'' group that advocates chiropractic as comprehensive primary
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  • ...Ethics of the World Medical Association. Declaration of Helsinki |journal=British Medical Journal |volume=2 |issue=5402 |pages=177 |year=1964 |month=July |pm ...|author=Schulz KF, Grimes DA |title=Multiplicity in randomised trials II: subgroup and interim analyses |journal=Lancet |volume=365 |issue=9471 |pages=1657–
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  • for a more complete explanation. By the way, that moving dog in your Subgroup header was just for a lark, if you want a more static version, maybe with a :::::Nah, just things starting with T, rather like many British warship names, of the same class, all start with the same letter. Three rel
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  • ...ent Population by Sex, Race, and Hispanic-Origin Status and I see that the subgroup '''White''' rose by 13 million between 2000 and 2007. It seems like the US ...White_British White British] is there too (white was an option on the 2001 British census apparently), [ White Bra
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  • ...wing up in the Chemistry, Engineering or Chemical Engineering workgroup or subgroup listings. I think that help is needed from Chris Day. [[User:Milton Beychok :As far as British WWII, if they weren't under Combined Operations (Keyes, and then Mountbatte
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  • ...res de France, p. 6.</ref> Occitan and Catalan form a very compact Romance subgroup, and even a common [[diasystem]], called ''Occitano-Romance''. It is an ove ...ittle more discrepant than the regional modalities of Standard English (as British, American, Canadian, Australian...), so they remain fully and easily unders
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  • ...ructive pulmonary disease. Definition, epidemiology, and risk factors.'' [[British Medical Journal|BMJ]] 2006;332:1142-1144. PMID 16690673</ref> but can be du ...m compared with 4% (7 deaths) in the titrated oxygen arm; mortality in the subgroup with confirmed COPD was 9% (11 deaths) in the high flow arm compared with 2
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  • ...ournal |author=Preston RA, Materson BJ, Reda DJ, ''et al'' |title=Age-race subgroup compared with renin profile as predictors of blood pressure response to ant
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  • ...erly correct me because the WWII Germans did not use all caps. The current British do not, which is why Operation Granby (they didn't have sub-operations) goe A third one I am driving, the subgroup proposal, is pretty much ready to go for a vote (that one is currently in t
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  • variant <- choose AE, BE or CE for American, British or Canadian English-> Note to self: need a subgroup version of [[Template:Wk gp tbl]]
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  • :I've created the [[CZ:Energy policy Subgroup]] and a top-level [[Energy policy]] article to which [[renewable energy]] i ...seems like forever using the internet which often uses US format, but I am British myself. When I see a date like 6/7/10 I have no idea if that is 7th June or
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