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Editing MediaWiki:Licenses

The below options appear in the drop-down list at Special:Upload

Licenses expects a certain format in a wiki list.

  • subst:license 1|license 2|License text
  • Header 1:
    • cc-by-sa-2.5|Attribution ShareAlike 2.5

Line 1 will produce "License text" and substitute the license 1 template in the image page and transclude license 2. Line 2 will show a greyed out header with text "Header 1:" Line 3 will produce "Attribution ShareAlike 2.5" and transclude template cc-by-sa-2.5 on the image page.

For detailed real world example, see

subst: means to dump the contents of the tempate into the destination page rather than transclude it.

Thus, if you have {{FOO}} on page A and B, and edit {{FOO}}, the template will change text on A and B...if B was created with {{Subst::FOO}}, and I alter the template {{FOO}}, B text will not change.