Cutnall Green

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Cutnall Green is a village in Worcestershire, England, five miles from the old spa town of Droitwich.

Cutnall Green is located south east of Kidderminster, and north of the city of Worcester. Situated in a prime agricultural landscape, the area is renown for it's prize cattle farming. The Bonham family farm, the Old Hyde Farm, is located near Cutnall Green. Chequers Inn, built in 1879 on the site of an ancient coaching inn, is located in the village.[1] Other notable places include Moat House, a British Listed building constructed around 1700, is one of the best preserved schools in the Tudor Gothic style.[2]

The population of Cutnall Green had been gradually declining since the Second World War. Since the 1960s, the push-pull factor of housing affordability and employment led to larger urban centres in the West Midlands such as Birmingham shedding their population, while rural towns and villages within commuting distance grew or remained static. In 1997, the population increased from 322 to 425 following the construction of the Brookfields estate.


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