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The Citizendium must not be used for self-promotion.

  • You may not, even if you are a topic informant, start an article about yourself, or any company, organization, website, or other entity, especially marketable entity, with which you are closely associated. Such articles may be deleted summarily.
    • Exceptions: students and teachers may start articles about their universities and schools, and any Citizen may edit the Citizendium article.
  • You may not yourself add links to websites with which you are associated, you must request that others do this for you (e.g., on the article's talk page).
  • If you wish to cite books or articles of your own in an article, ask an independent expert to do this for you.
  • Do not edit articles about yourself, except to correct straightforward errors. If the Citizendium article about you brings you no joy, consult the Topic Informant Workgroup; do not take matters into your own hands. Note that while you may ask that an article about yourself be deleted, such a request will have to be decided by the Editor in Chief in consultation with other contributors and advisors.
  • We do not allow articles for promoting or advertisement of any commerce or business.

  • As of 2023, anyone who joins the wiki, but then never makes any edits at all, will have the User page blanked or removed after a few weeks. This is necessary because of the number of people trying to use the wiki to obtain a free User page where they can post elaborate details about their accomplishments but never contribute anything to the wiki.

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