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Citizendium welcomes Wikipedia contributors. Many members of Citizendium have experience in editing at Wikipedia, and have joined this project to try a different model of content development. In the past, Citizendium experimented with multiple collaborative models, and not everything was successful. Please read about who we are these days.

Please read We aren't Wikipedia. Many of Wikipedia's policies either do not apply here or have been modified. After that, feel free to contribute boldly.


Subpages are used on all Citizendium articles to expand article content; see our list of subpage types. Note how we have replaced "List of" articles with catalogs.

How to ask for help

Questions can be asked in the Forum or from Citizendium's "community managers" or "Sysops". Our managers and sysops oversee adherence to basic policies, settle behavioral problems, and address content problems only if there is a violation of policy. They also review applications and create new accounts.


Any type of open content licensed images are allowable and preferred. Images from Wikimedia Commons can be used directly in this wiki. Images from other image banks must pass a two-pronged test before you upload them to Citizendium. Fully copyrighted images are allowable in Citizendium ONLY if you place proof of permission in a Permission subpage of the image's talk page and link to it. Images lacking clear copyright data may be subject to removal. See Images Help on Copyrights.

Importing from Wikipedia to Citizendium

If you wish to import material from Wikipedia, see Article Mechanics and How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles.

And from Citizendium to Wikipedia

Since Wikipedia changed its license to CC-BY-SA 3.0, it can use material from Citizendium. A workgroup has been formed there, WikiProject Citizendium Porting, to coordinate this.

Further reading

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