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Winston Churchill/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Winston Churchill.
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  • Addison, Paul. "Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (1874–1965)", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online
  • Addison, Paul. Churchill: The Unexpected Hero. 2005. 320 pp.
  • Best, Geoffrey. Churchill: A Study in Greatness (2003), 400pp; very well received biography
  • Blake, Robert. Winston Churchill. Pocket Biographies (1997), 110 pages
  • Charmley, John. Churchill, The End of Glory: A Political Biography (1993). revisionist; favors Chamberlain; says Churchill weakened Britain
  • Gilbert, Martin. Churchill: A Life (1992); one volume version of 8-volume life (8900 pp); amazing detail but as Rasor complains, "no background, no context, no comment, no analysis, no judgments, no evaluation, and no insights."
  • Heywood, Samantha. Churchill (2003) 162 pp, online edition
  • James, Robert Rhodes. Churchill: A Study in Failure, 1900-1939 (1970), 400 pp.
  • Jenkins, Roy. Churchill: A Biography (2001), 1000 pp; strong on Parliamentary roles
  • Keegan, John. Winston Churchill (2002) 208 pp online excerpt
  • Krockow, Christian. Churchill: Man of the Century 2000
  • Manchester, William. The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Visions of Glory 1874-1932, 1983; vol 2 is The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Alone 1932-1940, 1988,; no more published
  • Pelling, Henry. Winston Churchill (1974), 736pp; comprehensive biography
  • Rose, Norman. Churchill: An Unruly Life (1994), full-length biography
  • Wrigley, Chris. Winston Churchill: A Biographical Companion. ABC-CLIO, 2002. 367 pp.

Specialized studies

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Primary sources

  • Churchill, Winston. Lord Randolph Churchill (1906) online edition
  • Churchill, Winston. The World Crisis (six volumes, 1923–31), 1-vol edition (2005); on World War I. Vol. I, 1911-1914; Vol. II, 1915; Vol. III, 1916-1918 Part I; Vol. IV, 1916-1918 Part II; and Vol. V: The Aftermath.
  • Churchill, Winston. The Second World War (six volumes, 1948–53); Vol. I, The Gathering Storm; Vol. II, Their Finest Hour; Vol. III, The Grand Alliance; Vol. IV, The Hinge of Fate; Vol. V, Closing the Ring; and Vol. VI, Triumph and Tragedy
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