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Whiteman Air Force Base

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Whiteman Air Force Base, in Missouri, is the home base of the B-2 Spirit stealth bombers of the U.S. Air Force, which are directly under the 509th Bomb Wing, the "owner" of the facility. In World War II, the 509th was responsible for the nuclear missions against Japan.

Tenant units at the base are:

  • 442nd Fighter Wing, Air Force Reserve, flying A-10
  • 131st Bomb Wing, Missouri Air National Guard
  • 1-135th Attack Battalion, Missouri National Guard, flying AH-64 Apache
  • Maritime Expeditionary Security Force Division 13, U.S. Navy
  • 72nd Test and Evaluation Squadron
  • 325th Weapons Squadron
  • Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Det. 207
  • Training Support Squadron, Det. 12
  • 372nd Training Squadron, Det. 6

The base is in the district of Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO), who is a fervent supporter.