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V Corps is a major tactical headquarters of the United States, normally part of United States European Command but available to lead operations wherever needed. It was the main organization driving on Baghdad in the Iraq War, major combat phase.

While a Corps headquarters is defined as flexible, normally assigned to it are:

It is commanded by LTG Kenneth W. Hunzeker and based at Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg, Germany.

Iraq War and aftermath

During the Iraq War, it was commanded by LTG William "Scott" Wallace, and had, under its command:

Gulf War

It stayed in Europe but supported the VI Corps, which had been scheduled to be retired, and returned to the U.S. via Iraq. After the end of major combat, it was reassigned to LTG Ricardo Sanchez and became, for a period of time, the senior U.S. command in Iraq, variously wearing the titles Joint Task Force 7 (JTF-7) and Multi-National Corps-Iraq.