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User:Trent Toulouse

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I joined CZ back when I was first exploring wikis, particularly ways in which wikis were not wikipedia. Since then I have been a contributor to many different projects, and have become very interested in community management in Web 2.0. Since the only thing really differing CZ from WP is its pretensions towards its expert managed community, I have come back around to see how things are developing.

I may contribute from time to time if I see something worth adding or changing to an article, but I am primarily interested to see how this Charter thing works out, both in its development and ultimately in its practical implementation. I am updating this user page since it is very old, and if I do have a question or comment I wanted it to be clear who I am and where I stand.

I have some serious reservations about this project, not only because of a some what ambivalent view for the ideology of expert guidance and forced real names, but also because of who the site has selected as "editors." I think your articles on pseudoscience and quack medicine (most notable your homeopathy article) make it difficult for those of us that respect science, and evidence based approaches to reason and learning to contribute enthusiastically to the project.

As a final note, I am the operations manager for RationalWiki, which has been very critical (and recently somewhat more prominently) of this project and its development.

Original Bio

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Psychology at McMaster University, my research and study emphasizes neuroscience and modeling particularly in the role of dopamine on behavior and choice. I earned a Bachelors of Science in a double major of psychology and biology form the University of New Mexico, with an emphasis on evolutionary psychology and biology. I have also published work with Stuart Kauffman on complexity theory and genetic regulatory networks.