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Some articles I've been working on:

Way back:

Templates to study

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Round things

Messages, Missives

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High Priority

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  • Redirection: #REDIRECT [[Papacy]]

To do, interests, bookmarks

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Need an image

  • (find the two card games Peter Jackson nominated)



To work on:


Literature and Art

 Chaucer and Shakespeare both used slang to liven up their writing.  
 Even the title of The Canterbury Tales is slang. 
 A “Canterbury tale” was a tall tale. 
 Shakespeare relied heavily on slang and double meanings and even coined some new words of his own.

Religion, Spiritualism, etc


  • If no Table Of Contents, force it on at a specific place with __TOC__, or off with __NOTOC__.
  • CZ browser plugin

Eduzendium articles 2009

Group 1 - article: Mashup

Group 2 - article: Online document services, including Google_Docs_vs._Microsoft_Word

Group 3 - article: speech recognition

Group 4 - article: Online dating and possibly several smaller, related articles as needed

Group 5 - article: Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Group 6 - article: Adaptive learning (forwarded from Intelligent tutoring)

Group 7 - article: Web browser media plugins, in particular Silverlight vs. Flash

Group 8 - article: Google Android, plus a brief introductory article: Smartphone and enhancements to existing article IPhone

Group 9 - articles: Ajax and Ajax framework

Orphan images

  • Two works in the Water Garden at Grounds for Sculpture in 2008
  • Bruce Beasley's 1986 Dorian at Grounds for Sculpture in 2008