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I was born on January 2, 1984, in Santiago, Chile, were I still live.


Languages that I dominate:

- Spanish (native)

- English (informal learning)

- Dutch (informal learning, spend five years in the Netherlands)

Academic Formation:

- Academic Degree as Graphic Designer, conferred by INACAP (, Santiago, Chile.



- Working as advertising/graphic design consultant at a chilean IT Security company.

- Ocassional freelance works (online website showing my works, soon!)



- Reading: books, comics, graphic novels, manga, articles, an of course... Citizendium.

- Music: Classical, rock, experimental, electronic and pop... Favourites are Yann Tiersen, Faith no More, Anathema, LUNA SEA, Café Tacuba, Velvet Eden, ahhh too much!

- Internet: LOVE the free information access... that's why I'm here for, want to be part of it =).

- Movies: Favourite all time... Orwell 1984.

- Visual Arts: I'm a graphic designer, remember? Favourite artists Alphonse Mucha, Dave McKean, Travis Smith and Francis Bacon.


I love mankind... of course it has done many things wrong... but, if no one is perfect... why should mankind be? Anyway, I love culture in any of its forms: history, arts, science, religion, etc.