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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

I was born in Regina, Canada have held several interesting jobs from auto mechanic to ISP owner before moving to Boston, MA to pursue careers in both computer hardware and programming. Currently I write software for the automotive industry, primarily in the area of online vehicle research and inventory management. I have a love of all knowledge and seek to broaden my understanding of virtually every aspect of life. An avid reader I read between 200-300 books a year and am an aspiring author myself.

Jobs I have held include: Salesperson, Retail Merchandiser, Auto Mechanic, Blacksmith/Welder/Machinist (apprentice and personal experience), Woodworking/Construction, Electronics Repair, Computer Building/Repair, ISP Owner, Network Admin, Network Architect, NOC Manager, Software Developer, CTO.

My primary hobbies and areas of interest include: Astronomy, Computers, History, Cars and Writing. I am currently working on the second book of a hard Science Fiction series I hope to have published and am editing three novels in a series my wife is writing.

I’m very interested in the freedom of information and maintaining the individual’s ability to easily access a wealth of pertinent and accurate information on any subject. I feel that my experience in jobs from blacksmithing and welding to database design and management give me a broad view of the usefulness of information and the application of knowledge.

My education is High School only. All other areas of expertise/interest I am either self taught, or have learned via either formal or informal apprenticeship.