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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

IT worker from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I studied Computing and IT at the University of Ulster.

I am a hobbyist in the fields of history and politics, an aspiring writer, and a guitarist with an interest in popular music. My interest in history and politics covers specifically British and Irish history, ancient and modern, while my interest in popular music includes 'pop', rock, 'indie' and blues.

I also have interests in Formula 1 motor sport, physics and technology, computers and typical geeky things that many Generation X people have.

Articles I have worked on/am working on

Belfast (created)
Belleek Pottery Ltd (created)
The Troubles (Ireland)
The Troubles (Ireland)/Timelines
Ulster (created)
Loyalists (United Kingdom)
Gusty Spence
Ulster Volunteer Force
User:Mal McKee/Irish Republican Army
Improvised explosive device#Small IEDs
Civil Rights Movement
United Kingdom


Image:Belfast City Hall.jpg

To do

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Selection of red links in articles I have created or edited

ATTENTION: Please feel free to edit this section and strike through any articles that would more than likely not be created, or redirects, or include comments. Please do not remove any of the links.

John Caldwell Bloomfield
County Fermanagh
Powerscreen International
Prince of Wales
Industrial Development Board
George Moore
Galway Crystal
Aynsley China
Donegal Parian China
Titanic - note - should probably be named as the official full name of the ship RMS Titanic
Dry dock
Society of United Irishmen
United Irishmen Rebellion
Home Rule Home rule?
Plantation of Ulster
Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement / NICRA
Campaign for Social Justice
U.S. Civil Rights Movement start with disambiguation of Civil Rights Movement if this is a common term on the other side of the pond
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Battle of the Bogside
Apprentice Boys of Derry
Jack Lynch
Bernadette Devlin McAliskey / Bernadette Devlin / Bernadette McAliskey
Eamonn McCann
Martin McGuinness
Petrol bomb / Molotov cocktail probably a subhead and redirect under improvised explosive device
Provisional Irish Republican Army / Provisional IRA / PIRA / IRA
Ian Paisley
Basil Brooke
Terence O'Neill
British Conservative Party Conservative Party (UK)
Ulster loyalism / Loyalism
British monarchy
Combat 18
National Front / NF
Irish nationalism
Social Democratic and Labour Party
Constitutional nationalism
Sinn Féin / Sinn Fein
Workers' Party / Workers Party
Belfast Agreement / Good Friday Agreement
Northern Ireland Assembly
Police Service of Northern Ireland / PSNI
Royal Ulster Constabulary / RUC
Gordon Wilson
Methodism / Methodist / Methodists
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland / Alliance Party
John Hume
Ulster Unionist Party / Official Unionist Party / UUP / OUP
David Trimble
Betty Williams
Mairead Corrigan
Peace People
Ciaran McKeown
County Antrim
County Armagh
County Cavan
County Donegal
County Down
County Fermanagh
County Londonderry
County Tyrone
Ulster Bank
UTV / Ulster Television
River Boyne
County Leitrim
Emain Macha
County Louth
Uí Néill
Dál Fiatach
John de Courcy
Hugh de Lacy
Walter de Burgh
Edward IV
Nine Years' War
Flight of the Earls
New Model Army
William III --> William III of England
James II
Siege of Derry
Act of Union / Act of Union (1800)
Ulster Covenant
Kingdom of Ireland
Separatist / Separatism
Royal Irish Rifles
Shankill Road
Easter Rising
Left wing / Left-wing
Irish Gaelic
David Ervine
Maze Prison
Progressive Unionist Party / PUP
Combined Loyalist Military Command
Irish Volunteers
Sir Hubert Gough / Hubert Gough
Curragh Mutiny
36th (Ulster) Division
Battle of the Somme
Irish Defence Forces
Irish Republican Brotherhood / IRB
Gaelic League
Ancient Order of Hibernians
First Past the Post
Irish Labour Party
Irish Parliamentary Party
Royal Irish Constabulary / RIC
Irish Civil War
Blueshirts / Blueshirt (needs disambiguation)
Belfast Blitz
Constitution of the Republic of Ireland
Fine Gael
Fianna Fail
Charles Haughey
Séan MacBride
Irish Unionism
Ulster Liberal Party
Northern Ireland Labour Party
Republican Clubs
Provisional Sinn Féin
Official IRA
Official Sinn Féin
Bloody Sunday
Parachute Regiment Assume you have UK Paras in mind; we first need to disambiguate. No separate article exists at this time
Parliament Parliament of the United Kingdom
Brian Faulkner
NORAID / Irish Northern Aid
Martin Galvin
Armalite see if M16 (rifle) is closer. Armalite variously is a military prototype or a civilian variant of the military assault rifle (see below)
Armalite AR-18
Bloody Friday
Peoples' Democracy
William Craig
James Chichester-Clark
Cameron Commission
Ulster Defence Regiment
B Specials
Victor Arbuckle
Gerald McAuley
Electoral Law Act (NI)
Ulster Defence Association
William Whitelaw
Gerry Adams
White paper