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User:Joseph Krol

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Hello! My name is Joseph Krol. I joined in October 2011 after finding the site using StumbleUpon (which I recommend) and decided to join as I have been looking for a general online encyclopaedia to contribute to; I believe that Wikipedia has a plethora of contributors and I wish to help with a smaller encyclopaedia and also have the ability to add more than a few facts due to almost everything having a long article already.

I have recently started my GCSEs, and have projected grades of A* in English, Science, ICT and Business (these are the only ones I have received thus far).

I have a broad range of interests, including transport systems, game shows and places in my local area. At the moment I will focus on my local area, as it seems somewhat underrepresented.

Note: My email address may change, due to alterations in my school's communications systems - also, I may reply from a different email address due to my school blocking sending of emails to non-school addresses.

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