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John Stephenson

  • My recent Citizendium edits - look here to see what I've been working on (or just see if I know what I'm talking about). I am mostly responsible for the original information on many of the Linguistics Workgroup pages, and have also been trying to get linguists and departments to link to Linguistics.
  • My user subpages.
  • Working on contacting the roughly 450 inactive Editors: so far sent an update to everyone absent in the following workgroups: Astronomy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Health Sciences, Computers, Psychology, Education. These workgroups tend to overlap, in that many people are editors in more than one of them. Astronomy led to Physics, which led to Chemistry, which led to Engineering, which led to Computers. Physics leads a bit to Earth Sciences and quite a bit to Mathematics too. Chemistry also goes to Biology, but not as much as it does to Engineering. Biology goes primarily to Health Sciences. Health Sciences goes back to Biology but also to Psychology and somewhat to Sports (otherwise, a mixed bag). Computers leads to Business, Education, Media, Library Sciences and Games (i.e. another mixed bag). Psychology leads back to Health Sciences but on to Education and Music. Education leads back to Computers and Psychology and on to Philosophy, Religion and Literature.

Articles I've created



New material


New material



I have also started articles on Japan's islands, regions and prefectures, e.g. Honshu, Kansai and Mie. There are some maps I've uploaded.





New material



Imported from Wikipedia


Articles started by others

Articles which I intend to make a significant contribution to include linguistics, language, monitor theory, applied linguistics, phonology, phonetics, sound (acoustics), vocal cords, Elizabeth II, House of Commons, Japan, Japanese language and Singapore English. I rewrote the German language page, but don't intend to go back to it much. I also restarted the abortion article, and wrote most of the early versions of spoken language. I expanded dinosaurs. As for Japanese popular culture, I started that using bits written by other people and myself elsewhere.